Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das


Who Needs a Guru?
How to Choose Guru?
What is the Identity and Function of Sri Guru?
The Uttama Adhikari Guru Confusion
Diksa: Real or Mental?
Light on Guru & Diksha
Remember Who Is Guru
Glories of Sri Guru
Guru Gita: Glories of Sri Guru
Guru Bhakti
Be Forever with Your Guru
Same Guru Every Life?
Love Your Guru
Real Meaning of Guru Purnima
Can Sri Advaita Prabhu (Maha-Visnu) Give Madhurya Rasa?
ISKCON Parampara and Gurus
Gurudeva Reveals Radha Kunda Appearance Day
Who Is My Guru part one
Who Is My Guru part two
Why Do We Worship the Guru?
Sri Guru and Vyasa Puja – part one
Rejecting Guru
Diksha Mantra Shows Krishna
Mantra siddhi
What is Bhuta Shuddhi?
Meaning of Mantra
Guru tattva Nectar Drops
Mantra, Nama and Need for Diksha- part one
Mantra, Nama and Need for Diksha- part two
Gaudiya Pancharatrika Diksha – part one
Gaudiya Vaisnava Diksha – part two

And if you are eager to know more please listen our lectures Guru Tattva covering every possible question a disciple could ask about the identity, position, role of a spiritual master, and how a disciple should relate to and serve under his guru, is thoroughly explained here.

Guru Tattva part one on Soundcloud or MNSaudio
Guru Tattva part two on Soundcloud or MNSaudio

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