Gurudeva Reveals Radha Kunda Appearance Day

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

There is an amazing story behind the revival of the original and actual appearance day of Sri Radha Kunda. It was 2017, just a day before Caitra Purnima 2017, when my divine master, Radha-Krishna nitya Vrndavana lila pravista, 108 Pandit Sri Krishna Dasa Babaji Maharaja revealed the amazing hidden truth.

Gurudeva: “Do you know that Karttika Bahulastami is not the appearance day of Radha Kunda?”

M.Madan Gopal Das: “O, Gurudeva, really? For thirty-five years we’ve been midnight bathing in Radha-kunda on that day thinking it was the appearance day.”

Gurudeva: “There is no sastra proof for that. In Mathura Mahatmyam, Sri Rupa Gosvamipada says that devotees should bathe in Radha-kunda on Karttika Bahulastami to Bhagavan Sri Hari. It says nothing about appearance day or a midnight snana.

“However, Sri Jiva Goswami says (SB 10.45.3 tika) that Radha-kunda appeared at midnight on Caitra Purnima. Thus according to our mahajanas, all Gaudiya Vaisnavas should bathe at midnight on this day to honor and respect the ACTUAL AND REAL APPEARANCE DAY OF RADHA KUNDA, Radha-Krishna’s most merciful lila of manifesting these magnificent kundas!”

So, listen, I want you to spread this truth far and wide, and by doing that you will make Srimati Radharani very happy. Just go rent an auto rikshaw, fix an amplifier and a big, big silver speaker on it, and ride all around Vraja Mandala telling everyone in Hindi this truth.”

M.Madan Gopal Das: “Gurudeva, are you serious, you really want us to do that? We don’t know Hindi so well, but we will try in our own way through I-Net and E mails to inform all devotees about this.”

Since Gurudeva was 99 years old at that time, I never expected him to say yes, but nevertheless, I curiously then asked him: “Gurudeva, would you like to come take Radha-kunda midnight snana tonight to inaugurate the revival of the original appearance day of Sri Radha-kunda?”

Gurudeva: Much to my surprise, Pandit Baba innocently looked at me like a child and said enthusiastically, “YES, I WILL TAKE MIDNIGHT SNANA TOO!”

Jai Gurudeva!

That first Caitra Purnima Radha-kunda appearance day was honored by a party of five—Sri Pandit Baba, Sri Haricarana dasji, Ananta dasji, ourselves and two Russian devotees. And thus it began in 2017, “The First Annual Original Caitra Purnima Midnight Appearance Day Festival of Sri Radha-kunda.”

On behalf of Sri Sri Radha-Syama, Sri Advaita Prabhu, Sri Jiva Goswami and our beloved eternal master, we invite all the devotees to come next year and every year for a midnight bliss bath in Sri Radha-kunda on Caitra Purnima.

Sri Radha-kunda Dhama ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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