Krishna Nectar Lila 75 – “Thief in Disguise”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

One summer day the brilliantly powerful brothers Krishna and Balarama, surrounded by Their associates and displaying wonderful grace and beauty, came to Bhandiravana forest to enjoy pastimes. The moment the Lord desired to enjoy a particular pastime, all the necessary paraphernalia automatically appeared. Nourished by eating the fresh green grass and satisfied by drinking the crystal clear water from the valleys of Giri-Govardhana, the cows relaxed peacefully in the dense shade of the banyan trees.

The gopas wore garlands of freshly blossomed mallika flowers and natural earrings made from sirisa flowers. They tied garlands of kurci flowers in their hair. Adorned with these attractive fragrant flowers, the two brothers, Balarama and Damodara played happily with Their friends.

One boy sang in a very sweet voice. Some boys played musical instruments while others danced. Sometimes Krishna vibrated His flute while Balarama danced. At other times, Krishna danced to the singing of Balarama and His friends.

In a melodious tone Krishna called the gopas, “Ho! Ho! My brothers! Now stop your dancing because we are going to play a new game.”

While running to meet their friend, the gopas replied, “O Damodara! What sort of game do You want to play?”

Krishna said, “Listen! Let us divide ourselves into two parties. One party will go with the powerful Balarama and the other party will side with Me.” Thus Krishna divided His friends into two parties in order to hold a contest of strength. The boys in Balarama’s party followed Him like loyal soldiers and the other boys accompanied Krishna.

The losing party had to carry the victors on their backs. Krishna’s party lost, and even though Krishna carries the whole universe in His belly, He had to carry Sridama on His shoulders.

Under the influence of time, Pralambasura, the deceitful one, disguised himself as a cowherd boy and secretly mixed with Krishna’s friends. Being defeated in the contest, Pralambasura had to carry the victorious Baladeva, who looked extremely enchanting and effulgent with sandalwood paste daubed on His golden white body. Taking Balarama on his shoulders, the demon carried Him to the edge of the Bhandiravana forest.

Pralambasura thrilled with the thought; “I have accomplished my mission. Like a thief I have broken all the rules of the game and stolen a valuable jewel.”

At first Balarama was amazed at the extraordinary power of His carrier, but then He instantly understood the situation. Smiling mildly, Balarama called out to His playful younger brother, “O Damodara! Hey Manorama! Just as insanity robs one’s intelligence, this demon is trying kidnap Me. O You of infallible will power! What should I do now? Hey relisher of mellows! Without hesitating any longer, please give Me proper instructions.”

Krishna felt somewhat amused to see and hear all of this. Then in a thundering voice He assured Baladeva, “Give up all Your fears. Why are You submitting to illusion? Just remember Your own divine power and slay the demon.”

Using His unrivaled strength, which far exceeded the power of the thunderbolts Indra uses to cut the wings of mountains, Balarama, the elder brother of Madhusudana, smashed the demon’s head into little pieces with His fist. With tremendous power the Lord drove the demon to the kingdom of Yama.

Before departing, the demon assumed a huge grotesque form. The Vrajavasis thought that Balarama, whose complexion is whiter than fresh camphor, looked like the full moon sitting on top of the dome-like covering of the universe as He sat upon the demon’s shoulders.

The demon’s body had a dark smoky color. But due to profuse bleeding his hideous body now looked like a cluster of clouds in the reddish sky at sunset. Covered completely in blood, Pralambasura slowly fell to the ground. While falling he appeared like the sun setting behind the Vindhya Mountain, which is covered with red asoka flowers. The splendid demigods, who are expert in glorifying others, showered flowers on the head of Balarama to celebrate His victory over the demon.

The notorious demon named Pralamba had displayed great tantric magic. But eventually he perished under the fierce blows of Baladeva whose chariot bears the symbol of a palm tree. In front of everyone, Balarama humbly accepted the name Pralambaghna (one who removes all sins from the heart) honorably bestowed upon Him by Lord Indra. Thereafter Balarama met with His brother Damodara, who always gives joy to others and is dear to all the gopas.

Proud of His recent accomplishment, Balarama felt unlimitedly blissful within His mind. But He became confused upon seeing the bewildered faces of the cowherd boys when He rejoined Krishna who was resting in the shade of a beautiful banyan tree named Bhandiravat. 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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