Mahanidhi Swami


The magnetic enchantment of Sri Vraja Dhama first captivated my heart in 1977, when good fortune brought Her most rare and auspicious darshana.


After lacs and lacs of miserable births my undeserving eyes were blessed with the vision of the mind-stealing Thakuraji’s of Vrindavana i.e. Radha-ramanji, Bihariji, Damodarji, Govindaji, Shyamasundaraji, and the enchanting vanas, kunjas and lila-sthalis of Yugala Kishora.


My useless hands attained worth by touching the astonishing, ecstasy-twisted trees of Vrindavana. My feet found fulfillment in parikrama of Vrindavana and Giriraja Govardhana. Hearing the joyous parrots and midnight cries of the peacocks attracted my ears. Smelling Vraja’s exotic fragrant flowers of juhi, mogra, kadamba, kunda, parijata and rose gave purpose to my nose. The exotically fragrant, and divinely delicious remnants of the Goswami’s Thakurajis, and the cool Shyama-blue water of Yamunaji fully satiated and satisfied my sense of taste.


During that visit in 1977, I visited Radha Kunda and had a mystical experience. While gazing at the peaceful, prema-filled waters and feeling the intense spiritual ambience of the place, a prayer spontaneously arose from my heart: “O Sri Radha! I don’t when or how it will be ever be possible, but please Radharani let me live on Your banks and attain the eternal service of Your lotus feet.”


The magic, the sweet attraction, and the indescribable enchantment of Vrindavana had somehow captured my heart. The next ten years I spent traveling back and forth between America and Vrindavana, where I would pass the month of Karttika feeling, “Yes, Vrindavana is my home, now and forever!”


Finally in 1987—my feelings, my attraction, my attachment and my enchantment with Vrindavana fused into one sankalpa. I vowed before the Lord in my heart: “O Krishna, I want to go to Vrindavana and never, ever return to America again!” With this sankalpa as my only possession and a one way ticket, I came to Vrindavana.


Somehow by the causeless mercy of Srimati Radhika, Sri Krishna, the Thakurajis of Vraja, Giridhari Shyama, Vrnda-devi, Yogamaya, Yamunaji, Gopishvara Mahadeva, Sri Guru, the Vaisnavas, the Vrajavasis, and the sacred dust of Vrindavana I was able to settle in Sridhama Vrindavana. By their mercy I received Indian citizenship in 1998, and have lived continuously in Vrindavana for the last thirty years.


From 1987 until 2012, I lived in various places in Vrindavana. As per my guru’s order to his sannyasis, I lived three years (1989-1992) in Srila Prabhupada’s bhajana kutira at the Radha Damodara Mandir in Seva Kunja. Inspired by Srila Prabhupada and the divine presence of Srila Rupa Goswamipada and Sri Jiva Goswamipada, I started writing spiritual books. To date we have published twenty-six books glorifying Radha-Krishna; the most famous being Appreciating Sri Vrindavana Dhama, Art of Chanting Hare Krishna and Gaudiya Vaisnava Samadhis. All books are available as E-books on Amazon.


In 2002, Srimati Radhika kindly and compassionately answered my prayer of 1977 while sitting on the banks of Radha Kunda. By Srimati Radharani’s mercy, I moved from Vrindavana to Radha Kunda and remain here engaged in bhajana and writing. Our latest publication is titled Radha-Krishna Pastimes at Radha Kunda.

Mohini Vrndatavi ki jai! Karunamayi Srimati Radhika ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


Devotees often doubt, “Krishna is so far away enjoying His sweet lilas in Goloka Vrndavana, so how can Krishna  possibly hear the prayers of little old me?”


Sastras often describe how Krishna hears the cries, pleas or prayers of His devotees, even though He may be hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. Here’s some evidence from Gita and Bhagavatam.

  1. 9.16.14: After Jamadagni was slain, his wife Renuka cried for her powerful son Parasurama. Though he was far away, he heard (upasrutya durasthah) his mom’s crying and immediately went there.

10.28.3 At five a.m., when Nanda Baba got kidnapped by Varuna’s servants and taken under the Yamuna, the cowherd men cried out to Krishna. Although Krishna was forty kilometers away, Krishna heard and immediately went there, bhagavams tad upashrtuta, tad-antikam gato.

Tika Sri Jiva Goswami:  Though the cowherd men shouted from far away, Krishna heard the shouts as if close by (upashrutya).

Tika Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti:  Though Krishna was far away sleeping on His bed of flowers [in a kunja with Radhika: Nisha-lila], Krishna heard the cowherd men shouting “Krishna! Rama!” How is this possible? Because Krishna is all-pervading, Krishna is always very near to everyone. Understanding the situation, Krishna rushed there, jumped into the water to save  Nanda Baba.

Mahabharata: One afternoon, while Rani Draupadi and the Pandavas were exiled in Kamvan Vraja, Durvasa Muni showed up with 60 K hungry disciples. The sage asked Draupadi to feed them all, which would be possible by the power of her “akshaya patra”, a pot which can feed everyone without limit.

However, once the pot has been used, it could not be used again that day. Anxious and afraid, Draupadi anguishly cried, O Krishna, O Bhagavan, please save me!”

Krishna heard (upasrutya, as if near),  immediately crossed the 120 km. distance between Indraprastha and Kamvan, ate a few crumbs from the used pot, and all bellies became full. A miracle of hearing followed by a miraculous deed.

Gita: 13.14  “Everywhere are Krishna’s hands and legs, His eyes, heads and faces, and Krishna has ears everywhere. In this way the Supersoul exists, pervading everything, sarvatah pani padam tat, sarvatah akshi shiro mukham, sarvataù shruti-mal loke, sarvam avrtya tishthati.”

Acharyas say that not only does this verse describe the Antaryami, Paramatma feature, it also describes the Bhagavan feature of the Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

How so? It is Krishna only whose hands (sarvatah pani) reach out anywhere and everywhere to accept the offerings of His bhaktas.

In Gopala Champu, Sri Jiva Goswami describes how Giridhari Sri Krishna reached His long hungry hands from Govardhana all the way to kitchens in Nandagram to eat bhoga offerings which were forgotten by the Vrajavasis in their haste to run to Giriraja.

On His feet only (padam tat), Krishna goes wherever His bhaktas offer dandavats, and He stands there to accept them.

Wherever Krishna’s bhaktas chant, sing or pray to Him, Krishna hears them (sarvatah shruti-mal loke). And with His big beautiful blue lotus eyes (sarvatah akshi shiro mukham), Krishna enjoys watching His devotees serve Him in different ways.

Srila Prabhupada tika: In this verse (Gita 13.14), Krishna says, He has His hands and legs everywhere. Wherever Krishna will order, the things [we need] will come. Simply we have to become sincere; then everything is there. (730838SB.LON)

Conclusion: Yes, my friends, Radha Govinda DO HEAR YOUR PRAYERS, and respond immediately and lovingly.

Please everyone have faith and keep praying and crying. Be sure that one fine beautiful day, you will open your tear-filled eyes and see…

Radha Govinda smiling at you in bliss!

Praying for mercy ki jai! Krishna is right here ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


One day in Vraja, while Srimati Radharani was playing with Govinda, She noticed the intense emotions of one new manjari, a nava-kinkari.

Radha, who just naturally overflows with love for Her dasis, then held that manjari tightly to Her bosom.

Feeling overwhelmed with joy, that nava-dasi then prayed to Radha’s dearest, “O Madhava, You are the pinnacle of divine bliss. With Your brilliant white teeth, mild smile, and blossoming lotus-like beautiful face You enchant the entire world. Please bathe me in the nectar of service at the lotus feet of Your dearly beloved Radhika.

Continuing, nava-dasi prayed, “All glories to you Shyamasundara! You defeat billions and billions of Cupids with Your slightest sweet, flirtatious gesture. O sweet smiler! You are the embodiment of supreme bliss. Please bless me with service to Your Priyaji.”

Hearing nava-dasi’s heartfelt words, Govinda looked at her with smiling lotus eyes, bathing her in the rainfall of His full affection. After that, by the mercy of Radha Govinda Yugala, nava-dasi started performing all kinds of intimate service.

She was so expert in seva that Radha-Madhava always kept her nearby. Thus nava-dasi was fully sheltered in the seva of Radha-Krishna. (Sangita Madhava, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati) Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


Bhagavan Sri Krishna is a blissful, carefree, playful, naughty and romantic eternally dazzling youth of sweet sixteen.

Srimad Bhagavatam (10.55.28) describes how the Dvaraka queens of Krishna became bashful, and hid themselves here and there upon seeing the teenaged Pradyumna (Krishna’s son) whom they mistook to be their husband Sri Krishna.

Sri Jiva Goswami said, “Sri Krishna does not age beyond the kaishora period (ages 10-16).” (tika: SB 10.45.3) To be exact, the 19th century Gaudiya Vaisnava acharya Siddha Krishnadasa Tatapada said, “Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s eternal age is 15 years, 9 months, seven and a half days!”


In an amazing Bhagavata tika (SB 10.45.3), Gaudiya Vaisnava mahajana Sri Jiva Goswami reveals the exact age of Sri Krishna during some of His spectacular pastimes. To please the ears and hearts of our devoted friends, we offer the following:


AGE 7:

Summer, Sri Krishna killed Pralambasura.

AGE 8:

Ashvina Month (Sept-Oct); Sri Krishna played flute.

Karttika Month (Oct-Nov); Sri Krishna lifted Mount Govardhana (although Vrajavasis there exclaimed that Krishna was only seven years old).

Karttika sukla ekadashi: Indra and Surabhi bathed Sri Krishna and gave name “Govinda”.

Karttika sukla dvadashi: Sri Krishna went to Varuna’s kingdom to rescue Nanda Baba.

Karttika Purnima: Sri Krishna immersed His Vrajavasis devotees in the lake Brahma-hrada to show them the spiritual realm and Krishnaloka.

Karttika Mrgashirsha month: During the winter season, Sri Krishna stole the Vraja kanyas clothing.

Next summer: In the summer of his eighth year, Sri Krishna gave mercy to the Yajna patnis, wives of the brahmanas.

AGE 9:

Ashvina month (autumn, sharada season) In his ninth year, Sri Krishna enjoyed the rasa dance.

Phalguna month: (Krishna caturdashi, Shiva Ratri) Krishna went to Ambikä-vana in Vraja to rescue Nanda Baba from snake.

Phalguna Holi Purnima: Krishna kills Shankhacuda.

AGE 10:

In his tenth year, Sri Krishna performed pastimes as He pleased.

AGE 11:

Caitra Month: (march-april) On Purnima, Krishna killed Arishtasura [and also manifested Radha-kunda] [Krishna’s “running age” although was still age 10]

Year later, Sri Krishna killed Keshi, last demond killed in Vraja, on Phalguna sukla dwadasi. On Trayodashi, Uncle Akrura took Krishnaji to Mathura. The next day on  Phalguna chaturdashi, Sri Krishna killed Kamsa. Once Krishna enters His kaishora period, He does not age beyond that.

Nitya nava-yauvanam, saundarya swarupam Bhagavan Sri Krishna ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


We think, speak and do so many things each day. But how often do we reflect on the sweet Vraja madhurya-lilas of Radha Govinda Yugala?


For those treading the sacred path of heart-inspired bhakti, remembering Radha-Krishna throughout the day is essential. We must regularly pause to think of Radha and Krishna—where are They right now and what are Radha-Madhava doing?


Sri Rupa Gosvamipada has nicely summarized the sweet daily pastimes of Radha Govinda Yugala [asta-kaliya lila] in only eight verses. Please store these verses on your phone or print them.


Then time-to-time through the day read the verses and fix your heart in Vraja dhama and Lila Yugala Radhe-Shyama’s blissful pastimes. Within a short time you can memorize them, and then mentally tune into the joyful world of sweet lila whenever your heart turns in that direction. Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!


Radha Govinda Yugala Asta-kaliya-lila


Nishanta Lila: Dawn Pastimes (3.24—6 a.m.)

I remember Radha and Krishna at night’s end, being awakened by the variegated songs of the parrots sent by Vrnda devi. With both pleasant and unpleasant poems the parrots inspire Yugala to rise from Their pleasure-bed.


The sakhis joyfully observe how Radha-Krishna are fatigued from from Their loving pastimes. Hearing the pinching words of the old she-monkey named Kakkhati, Radha-Madhava become afraid. And though They are still thirsty for more pastimes, Radha-Govinda scurry off to Their individual homes and go to sleep.


Pratah Lila: Morning Pastimes (6—8.24 a.m.)

In the morning, I take shelter of Sri Radha who is bathed and decorated by Her sakhis, and then goes to Nandagrama to cook for Krishna on the request of Vrajeshvari Yashoda. After cooking, Radhika eats Krishna’s prasadi. I also take shelter of Sri Krishna, who wakes, milks the cows, bathes and eats along with His friends.

Purvahna Lila: Pastimes at Forenoon (8.24—10.48 a.m.)

In the forenoon, I remember Sri Krishna going to the forest with His cows and friends while being followed by the Vrajavasis. Later in the morning, Krishna goes to the bank of Radha-kunda, eager to meet Sri Radha.


I also remember Sri Radha being ordered by Her elder Jatila to go worship Suryadeva. Anxious to hear about Krishna, Radhika sends Her sakhis to look for Krishna. Hoping for some good news, Radharani casts Her eyes down the road searching for the returning sakhis.


Madhyahna Lila: Midday Pastimes (10.48 a.m.—3.36 p.m.)

I remember Radha and Krishna at midday, overwhelmed by desire and enchanted by various ornament-like physical transformations of ecstasy arising out of meeting each other, yet being anxious due to shyness and eagerness, and being served by Their attendant sakhis and manjaris.


The joking words of Lalita and other sakhis please Radha-Madhava as They perform a Kandarpa Yajna, enjoy Jhulana, Vana-Vihara, and Jala-keli in Radha-kunda, quarrel over Krishna’s stolen flute, enjoy conjugal pastimes, drink honey-wine, worship the sun god and enjoy other sports.


Aparahna Lila: Afternoon pastimes (3.36—6.00 p.m.)

In the afternoon, I remember Sri Radha returning home and cooking different dishes for Her beloved Krishna. Radha bathes, dresses nicely and is filled with joy upon seeing Her lover’s lotuslike face.


I also remember Sri Krishna returning home with His cows and friends. Krishna feels pleased upon seeing, and later being fondled by Maa Yashoda when He meets His parents.


Sayahna Lila: Evening pastimes (6.00—8.24 p.m.)

In the evening, I remember Sri Radha sending many eatables to Krishna’s home through a sakhi. Later Radhika eats Vrajachandra’s prasadi brought by a sakhi.

At this time, I also remember Sri Krishna being nicely bathed, beautifully dressed and fondled by Maa Yashoda. Then Krishna milks some cows and returns to the palace to eat.


Pradosh Lila: Pastimes at Nightfall (8.24—10.48 p.m.)

At nightfall, I remember Sri Radha being dressed by Her sakhis in either white or dark clothes according to the moon’s luminosity. On Vrinda’s indication, Radhika and some of Her messengers go to meet Krishna in a desire tree grove in Vrindavana.


I also remember Sri Krishna, who witnesses artful games in the assembly of cowherders before His affectionate mother carefully takes Him to bed. Shortly later, Krishna slips away to go to solitary grove to meet Radhika.


Nakta Lila: Night Pastimes (10.48 p.m.—3.36 a.m.)

In the night, I remember Radha and Krishna, who are intensely eager to meet and being attended by Vrinda in many ways. Radhe-Shyama and Their priya-sakhis play, sing and dance in the forest. After enjoying many pastimes, Radha Govinda Yugala sleep on a nice flowerbed, being attended by Their loving sakhis.


Alternate reading: At night, I remember Radha and Krishna meeting together and being worshipped by Vrinda with various items. Lila Yugala Radha-Madhava enjoy joking riddles, sweet talks, plays and Rasa and Lasya dances with Their dearest sakhis. Radha-Madhava drink honeywine, and master various kinds of ever-increasing conjugal bliss in the nikunja.

Radha-Madhava nitya-lila smarana ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


Many Gaudiya Vaisnava songs and books say that black is Radha’s favorite color because Radha loves Shyamasundara, who is dark bluish-black in complexion. Radha wraps Her beautiful divine form in a dark blue sari so She can always remember Her Priyatama Shyama.


Radha likes all the following objects because they remind Radha of Her dearest sweetheart Sri Krishna:

Being black in color or by name, Shyama or Krishna and the sakhi named Shyamala;


Amavasya—the moonless dark black night;

Krishna-paksha—waning moon time of the month;

Krishna-sara—Sanskrit for black deer so prominent in Vraja lila; Internal meaning for Sri Radha is “one who takes Krishna as the essence of one’s existence”, Krishna sara.

Bhramara—Shyama-blue bumblebees, whose exciting effulgent color and frantic buzzing incites Radha’s romantic feelings.

Kajjala—black eye-liner cosmetic; which reminds Radhika of Shyama in whichever way She glances because Her eyes, along with Her mind and heart, are always surrounded by the dark Shyamasundara.

Kasturi—black musk dot on Kishori’s chin, placed their in hopes of attracting the beautiful luscious lips of Krishna who shines like a mountain of kasturi.

Winter Season—with long DARK nights giving more time with Shyama;

Tamala Tree—glossy black trunk often embraced by Radha in loving delirium, prema-vivarta. The trees crooked bending shape and rough bark remind Kishori of Krishna’s crooked, and sometimes rough dealings in the unpredictable course of shrngara-rati.

Monsoon Rain Clouds— resemble Shyama’s irridescent hue, and their rumbling resounds like Muralidhara’s flute begging Radha to join Him in rasa;

Blue Lotuses—blossoming like Kishora’s sweet nectar-filled face, wherein the bees of Sriji’s eyes sit to forever drink the sweet syrup therein;

Yamuna River—dark, meandering, mysterious and deep like Shyama wandering in the glen;

Evening—named Shyama in Hindi;

Midnight—the darkest time of night, and best for Bhanunandini to be alone with Shyama;

Sapphire—deep blue bracelets and necklaces; Shyama’s loving hands on My wrists and around My neck.


Sweet Black Becomes Bitter

Although Radha is very satisfied and pleased by all black things, that same sweet color sometimes becomes very, very bitter to Bhanunandini.


Here’s how the sweetness of the color black suddenly turns into the bitterness of poison.

Krishna, detained all night by a rival sakhi, arrives just before sunrise at the gate of Rai Vinodini’s kunja. Upon seeing all the signs of amorous affairs on Shyama’s body, Radhika becomes very upset and enters a deep state of maan—a contrary mood of jealous anger.


At that time, one intimate sakhi said to Radhika, “O Ishvari! I know you like the dark night when the moon is waning, the newly blossoming blue lotus, black bumble bees, the black deer, the dark tamala tree, the dark monsoon clouds, and the dark Yamuna River. But why then, do You dislike charming Krishna, who resembles them in name and form?” (Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi 89)


Kanha tries to mollify Manini Radha but nothing works. Sriji chases Krishna out of the kunja, vowing never again look at anything black. Then Radhika casts off Her blue sari, blue bangles and sapphire necklace, and dons a red sari, ivory bangles and a pearl necklace.


Radha wipes off the musk dot on Her chin, Her musk tilaka, and the kajjala around Her eyes. Kishori replaces all these with white sandal-paste decorations. When Gandharvika sees a rain cloud, She opens an umbrella to block its view.


Radha white washes all of Vrindavana’s tamala trees, and flatly refuses to meet Her girlfriend named Shyamala. Then Radha stays far away from peacocks because their feathers remind Her of Krishna’s turban.


Noticing Her black hair reflected in a mirror, Srimati breaks the mirror into a hundred pieces. When the sun sets, Radharani covers Her eyes with Her palms to prevent seeing the night.


These wonderful expressions in maan, or contrariness in love, are all part of Radha and Krishna’s divine pastimes in the eternal kingdom of love—Sridhama Vrindavana. Ultimately, everything will end on a sweet note as the Divine Pair meet again with warm embraces and rapturous kisses. And black will once more become sweet and beautiful within the mind and heart of Radha.

Manini Radha ki jai!  Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


Radha and Krishna are eternally connected in a loving bond of sweet intimacy. Yet to relish the rich flavor arising from the curious and tender moments of first falling in love, the Divine Couple appear to fall in love one day.


Our acharyas describe the beginning stage of love before meeting closely as purva-raga, which means prior attachment or budding love. In these initial days of Radha-Madhava’s relationship, mutual attraction, infatuation, desire and captivation flood Their minds and hearts.


Many exalted devotees have portrayed this stage of love in their writings. Because this stage of Radha Govinda Yugala’s immaculate love affair is so wonderfully attractive, sweet and endearing, we are including translations of some rasika purva-raga bhajans for the purifying pleasure of one and all. By hearing and meditating upon them, we are sure that your hearts will melt into rivers of attraction rushing to the lotus feet of Radha Govinda Yugala to engage in their eternal prema seva!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!


Shyama Falls in Love with Radha


  1. Meeting

Once upon a time, Shyama met a sakhi and opened His restless heart to her.

Shyama said, “O sakhi! I just met a most extraordinary girl whose face resembles a mixture of Madana (Cupid) and the moon. And surrounding that face is a mass of rain clouds! That Sundari cast Her furtive eyes at Me, smirked and turned away. Since that moment, My heart started burning in the fire of desire. My mind has become most agitated and unsteady due to constantly meditating on Her while awake and while dreaming. You are a clever girl and a good person, so please help Me and show Me this sweet form once again.” (Padakarta Radha Vallabha)


  1. Meeting

One day Shyama described His amazing first meeting with Kishori.

Shyama said, “O, I have seen a wonderful golden girl who just pierced My heart. Lotus flowers blossom wherever She glances, and nectar flows whenever She smiles. And Her crooked glances release thousands of Cupid’s arrows! (Sri Vidyapati Thakura).


III. Meeting

One day a sakhi messenger told Radhika how much Krishna is in love with Her.

Sakhi: “O Radhe! When Subala gives Govinda a garland of golden Champaka flowers, His mind wavers and tears of passionate love flow from Shyama’s eyes. O beautiful girl! Your form forever awakens intense love in Shyama’s heart.


“Vrishabhanunandini! Vrishabhanunandini! Vrishabhanunandini!” is the only word that Shyama says throughout the day and night! Although lacs of girls speak sweet words to Shyama, He does not hear them even in His dreams! In His ecstasy, Shyama can only pronounce RAA! Then tears stream from Shyama’s eyes and He rolls on the ground! O Radha, how can I describe Kanu’s distress? In His miserable state only Your mercy can destroy Shyama’s suffering! (Govinda Dasa)


  1. Meeting

By chance, Krishna once heard someone chant the most astonishing name of RADHA. A few moments later, Priyatama met a sakhi and disclosed His mind.

Murari said, “O priya-sakhi! Who just chanted Radha’s name? Upon hearing Radha’s name My heart moved in many ways. Gokula is filled with so many names, but none of them can agitate My heart like the name of Radha!


“There is so much sweetness in this name RADHA that it automatically fills My heart with nectar, and brings the beautiful form of Vrishabhanunandini into My mind! I feel I am swimming in an ocean of nectar! (Yadunandana)


Radhika Falls in Love


  1. Meeting

Ramani Radha is similarly stunned with ecstatic symptoms whenever She hears the name KRISHNA. One day in the stage of purva-raga, Radha became agitated and overwhelmed upon hearing Krishna’s name.


Revealing Her heart to a confidante, Radha said, “O sakhi! Who just sang the name Krishna, which has pierced My heart and disturbed My mind? There is so much honey in Krishna nama that My mouth cannot stop drinking it. Repeating the name “Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!” I become astounded so how can I ever forget it?


“Hey sakhi! If Krishna’s name has such power, then what will happen when I touch Krishna’s body? Wherever I am, My eyes see Shyama. In this condition, how can I possibly uphold the principles of dharma? Although I do try to cast Krishna out of My mind, it is to no avail! O sakhi, what shall I do now?” (Dvija Chandi das)


  1. Meeting

Once upon a time, Priyaji revealed Her heart to Paurnamasi, the elderly yogini who always helps Radha and Krishna meet.

Radha said, “Who is this playing His flute along the Yamuna’s bank? And who is that filling the meadows of Gokula with the melodies of His flute? My body and mind have gone mad in agitation by hearing this flute song! O Paurnamasi, I simply cannot stop the flow of tears from My eyes. And My mind is so overwhelmed that it has gone blank upon hearing that sweet flute of Nandanandana!”

May we eternally serve the Yugala Vilasa of Priya-Priyatama in Vraja ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

Mahanidhi Swami


Once Madana-mohini displayed an intensely contrary mood (maan) that Vamshidhari could not remove by any means.


The playful Dhira-lalita Shyama then devised a charming trick. Krishna strung a beautiful flower garland and draped it on Kishori’s neck. But Devi just threw it away in disgust. By chance that garland fell on Krishna. Hari immediately frowned, grimaced and sighed as if He had been badly injured.


Shyama then sat silently in a corner looking very sad. Observing Krishna’s behavior, Srimati felt very anxious and worried. Then to solace Shyama, Manini Radha held Krishna’s shoulders. At this, Krishna laughed mischievously and enveloped Radha in a loving embrace!

Srimati Radharani ki jai! Maan Bhanga ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!