Krishna: His Age In Lilas

Mahanidhi Swami


Bhagavan Sri Krishna is a blissful, carefree, playful, naughty and romantic eternally dazzling youth of sweet sixteen.

Srimad Bhagavatam (10.55.28) describes how the Dvaraka queens of Krishna became bashful, and hid themselves here and there upon seeing the teenaged Pradyumna (Krishna’s son) whom they mistook to be their husband Sri Krishna.

Sri Jiva Goswami said, “Sri Krishna does not age beyond the kaishora period (ages 10-16).” (tika: SB 10.45.3) To be exact, the 19th century Gaudiya Vaisnava acharya Siddha Krishnadasa Tatapada said, “Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s eternal age is 15 years, 9 months, seven and a half days!”


In an amazing Bhagavata tika (SB 10.45.3), Gaudiya Vaisnava mahajana Sri Jiva Goswami reveals the exact age of Sri Krishna during some of His spectacular pastimes. To please the ears and hearts of our devoted friends, we offer the following:


AGE 7:

Summer, Sri Krishna killed Pralambasura.

AGE 8:

Ashvina Month (Sept-Oct); Sri Krishna played flute.

Karttika Month (Oct-Nov); Sri Krishna lifted Mount Govardhana (although Vrajavasis there exclaimed that Krishna was only seven years old).

Karttika sukla ekadashi: Indra and Surabhi bathed Sri Krishna and gave name “Govinda”.

Karttika sukla dvadashi: Sri Krishna went to Varuna’s kingdom to rescue Nanda Baba.

Karttika Purnima: Sri Krishna immersed His Vrajavasis devotees in the lake Brahma-hrada to show them the spiritual realm and Krishnaloka.

Karttika Mrgashirsha month: During the winter season, Sri Krishna stole the Vraja kanyas clothing.

Next summer: In the summer of his eighth year, Sri Krishna gave mercy to the Yajna patnis, wives of the brahmanas.

AGE 9:

Ashvina month (autumn, sharada season) In his ninth year, Sri Krishna enjoyed the rasa dance.

Phalguna month: (Krishna caturdashi, Shiva Ratri) Krishna went to Ambikä-vana in Vraja to rescue Nanda Baba from snake.

Phalguna Holi Purnima: Krishna kills Shankhacuda.

AGE 10:

In his tenth year, Sri Krishna performed pastimes as He pleased.

AGE 11:

Caitra Month: (march-april) On Purnima, Krishna killed Arishtasura [and also manifested Radha-kunda] [Krishna’s “running age” although was still age 10]

Year later, Sri Krishna killed Keshi, last demond killed in Vraja, on Phalguna sukla dwadasi. On Trayodashi, Uncle Akrura took Krishnaji to Mathura. The next day on  Phalguna chaturdashi, Sri Krishna killed Kamsa. Once Krishna enters His kaishora period, He does not age beyond that.

Nitya nava-yauvanam, saundarya swarupam Bhagavan Sri Krishna ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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