The Dancing Holi

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

With beautiful Radha Rangini on His left, Nagara Syama enjoys pastimes in spring, the king of all seasons. Every limb is covered with showers of sandal water, red powder and fragrant kumkuma. While gazing at Krsna, Who isfar more enchanting than Kamadeva, thousands of youthful gopis become overwhelmed with amorous desires. The sakhis sing graceful songs about Holi.

Some gopis bring cloth. Their bodies are filled with bliss as they bring necklaces, finger rings and flutes. They are coming from every direction singing the glories of Holi. Coming together, the gopis play drums and karatalas. As they play graceful rhythm, the master of Govardhan Das, Natvara Sekhara Krsna dances in ecstasy.

Jay Jay Sri Radhe!

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