Gopi Bhava Gives Gopi Body

Mahanidhi Swami


To Vyenkatta Bhatta, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu once taught the essence of raganuga bhakti sadhana.

In summary, Mahaprabhu said: 1) worship Vrndavana Sri Krishna with vraja-bhava, the loving moods of the eternal Vrajavasis; 2) perform the bhajana of cultivating gopi-bhava, following the example of the Vraja-gopis;

3) Then you will attain birth in Bhauma Vrndavana with the bhava (that you cultivated), and there receive the siddha-deha of a gopi to eternally serve Sri Krishna in madhurya-rasa.

Let’s examine the verses Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu spoke to explain these points:

First, Sri Caitanya Deva said one must do bhajana in vraja-bhava, the loving mood of Sri Krishna’s eternal associates in Sri Dhama Vrndavana:
vraja-lokera bhäve yei karaye bhajana
sei jana päya vraje vrajendra-nandana
“Sri Caitanya Deva told Vyenkatta Bhatta, “Anyone who performs bhajana in vraja-bhava (the ecstasy of the Vrajavasis), will attain Vrajendranandana Sri Krishna in Vraja Dhama.” (Cc. 2.9.131)

Sri Caitanya Deva then cited an example from the Puranas to prove His point. Mahaprabhu said that the Personified Vedas adopted the mood of vraja-bhava in their bhajana, following the example of the damsels of Vraja:

çruti-gaëa gopé-gaëera anugata haïä
laïä vrajeçvaré-suta bhaje gopé-bhäva laïä
“The Pesonified Vedas (çruti-gaëas) worshiped Yasodanandana with the feelings of the gopis (gopi-bhava bhajana), and followed in their footsteps (gopi-anugatya).” (Cc. 2.9.133)

After many many years of cultivating gopi-bhava, the loving moods and sentiments of the gopis, the çruti-gaëa attained perfection in their raganuga-sadhana and took birth as gopis in Bhauma Vrndavana during Radha-Krishna’s pastimes.

Mahaprabhu explains this point saying how the Srutis Personified, upon entering Bhauma Vrndavana, attained both the bhava, which they had been cultivating, and a suitable spiritual body (gopi-deha) as a gopi to dance with Gopinatha in the rasa dance.

It is significant that even without knowing or having their siddha-dehas, the personified Vedas performed gopi-bhava vraja-bhajana.

And they received their spiritual bodies (i.e. siddha-deha or gopi-deha) only after leaving their material bodies and taking birth in Bhauma Vrndavana.

bähyäntare gopé-deha vraje yabe päila
sei dehe Krishna-saìge räsa-kréòä kaila
Sri Caitanya Deva said, “The Personified Vedas acquired bodies like those of the gopés (antare: internal bhava; bahya: external form), and took birth in Vrajabhümi. In their gopi bodies they got the association of Sri Krishna in the rasa dance.” (Cc. 2.9.134)
Gopi bhava gives gopi siddha deha ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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