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  1. Ambrosial Gita – A verse by verse dramatic narration with tambura of an inspired, new translation of Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s immortal philosophical classic Bhagavad Gita. A soothing balm for any weary mind. This recording gives encouragement, hope and determination to pull on in life and realise God. » go to SoundCloud
  2. Art of Chanting – The author himself of the world-famous book Art of Chanting Hare Krsna, goes through each chapter of the book and minutely explains the topics and reveals all the secrets on how to attain perfection in the Bhakti Yoga practice of Hare Krishna Mahamantra Japa. » go to Soundcloud Part: 01, 02
  3. Astonishing Glories of Sri Advaita Prabhu – This series highlights the extraordinary life of the great acharya Bhagavan who brought down Prema Bhagavan Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to bless everyone with the eternal bliss of love divine. » go to SoundCloud
  4. Bhagavan and His Loving Devotees– Here find the most amazing and faith-strengthening stories of Bhagavan Sri Vishnu, Rama, Sri Krishna and Their faithful devotees. Surprise and inspiration will overtake you as you hear about these loving devotees completely depend upon and personally interact with their beloved ishta-devatas in the most unusual and often dangerous situations. In short, this audio is a festival of Bhagavan and bhaktas dancing together in the rasa mandala of sweet loving exchanges. » go to SoundCloud
  5. Bhagavata Lila – A fast-paced, enthralling narration of every story in the entire Srimad Bhagavatam from Canto one to Canto twelve, along with the amazing and provocative commentary of Vishvanatha Chakravarty Thakura; and an occasional illumination by the speaker. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 04
  6. Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu – Explanations of each Sanskrit verse of Rupa Gosvami’s Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu from the begginning, through Vaidhi Sadhana Bhakti, Raganuga Sadhna Bhakti, Bhava Bhakti and Krishna-prema. These classes begin from day one in Bhakti Sadhana and take you to perfection in Krishna-prema. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 0405, 06
  7. Bhakti Yoga Mahima – Series of lectures on Bhakti Yoga. » go to SoundCloud
  8. Dvaraka Lila (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.51-90) – This audio minutely describes every exciting pastime that Sri Krishna performed in Dvaraka as depicted in the Tenth Canto chapters 52-90 of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The narration also includes Srila Visvanatha Cakravartipada’s incredible commentaries on Krishna’s Dvaraka lila, along with his sweet and intimate illuminations on the ecstatic effusions of loving ecstasy spoken by the Queens of Dvaraka in the “Mahishi Gita”. » go to SoundCloud
  9. Ekadashi Vratas » go to SoundCloud
  10. Festivals – Spell-bounding lectures on the glories of different Ekadashis, disappearance days of great Gaudiya Vaishnavas; Govardhana annakuta; Radhakunda appearance; Gaura Purnima; Nrisingha Chaturdasi;Rama Navami; Krishna Janmashtami; Radhashtami; Balarama Jayanti; Nityananda Trayodashi and more.. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 040506, 0708, Radhastami 2020, Gaura Purnima 2021, Krishna Janmashtami in Raganuga Bhakti, Aug 19,2022, Radhastami Lilas 2022
  11. Gauranga Asta Kaliya Lila – Full book narration describing the amazingly beautiful asta-kaliya lila, eternal eight-fold pastimes, of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This book was written by Srila Visvanatha Cakravartipada’s leading disciple named Sri Krishna dasa, who based his book on Chaitanya Bhagavata, Chaitanya Mangala, Bhakti Ratnakara and Cakravartipada’s “Sriman Mahaprabhu Asta Kaliya Lila Smarana Mangala Stotram” » go to SoundCloud 
  12. Gauranga Lilamrta Kartik 2014 » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02
  13. Gaur Purnima 2017 » go to SoundCloud
  14. Glories of Sri Advaita Acharya – Based on theree books: Sri Chaitanya-caritamrta, bhagavata and mangala, this audio describes the amazing transcendental life and teachings of Sri Advaita Acharya Prabhu, the bhakta-avatara of the Pancha Tattva. Surely, by hearing this audio, one will receive the gift of Krishna bhakti. » go to SoundCloud
  15. Gopi Lila (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.21,22,29,31,35,39,47,82) – Gopi Lila presents the 6 famous love songs of Sri Radha and Braja gopis in Tenth Canto Srimad Bhagvatam and tikas of Visvanath Chakravartipada. Venu, Pranaya, Gopi, Yugala and Viraha geetas. » go to SoundCloud
  16. Guru Tattva – 35 hours of lectures, covering every possible question a disciple could ask about the identity, position, role of a spiritual master, and how a disciple should relate to and serve under his guru, is thoroughly explained here. This is one of our most popular and appreciated audio recordings. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02
  17. Hare Krishna Japa: Increasing Taste & Concentration – This series, based on the Art of Chanting Hare Krishna by Mahanidhi Swami, reveals time tested techniques for concentrating and tasting joy in japa. Apply each technique and you’ll definitely experience tasty bliss in chanting Hare Krishna! » go to SoundCloud
  18. Jagannatha Puri Yatra – This audio takes you to each holy place in Puri, and gives amazing portrayals of the Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s pastimes there, and the history of the place and presiding Deities. » go to SoundCloud
  19. Japa Walk Through Meditation – This audio from 2016 teaches you how to create a “japa cave” inside your home. Then different audio tracks guide you in meditations on Radha and Krishna’s lotus feet and divine forms. Play each track softly in the background. Chant japa while listening to the walk thru, and meditate on the descriptions. This practice will deepen your absorption in japa chanting and give you amazing experiences. » go to SoundCloud
  20. Japa Walk Through: Vilapa Kusumanjali – Full narration of Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami’s perfect meditation book for aspiring servants of Srimati Radharani. Chanting Sri Harinama japa while listening to this audio, and meditating upon these sweet, seva-filled pastimes of Srimati Radharani will transport the manjari bhava sadhaka to the kingdom of KRISHNA PREMA! » go to SoundCloud
  21. Japa Mini Lila Meditations – 150 Manjari Sevas – The “Japa Mini Lila Meditation” series presents short audio files describing deliciously divine sevas and lilas of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna to be meditated upon while chanting one to two rounds of Hare Krishna japa. These nitya-lila meditations are very helpful for sadhakas aspiring to become eternal maidservants (manjaris) of Srimati Radharani. For other devotees, the meditations will give the amazingly fulfilling taste of inner joy and satisfaction that arises from combining nama-japa with Radha-Krishna lila. » go to SoundCloud
  22. Japa Mini Lila Meditations – Rasa Lila Nectar – Japa Mini Meditations: Rasa Lila Nectar 2018. Dual hearing Sri Nama & Radha-Govinda Rasa Lila will focus your mind, enthrall your heart and fill you with drops of joyful bliss, ABSOLUTE!!! Release date: 10 September 2018 » go to SoundCloud
  23. Live Kirtan » go to SoundCloud
  24. Manjari Sadhana – These audios teach how to meditate and serve as a dasi maidservant, manjari, of Srimati Radharani for devotees practicing raganuga bhakti. Other devotees can mix these lilas and seva meditations to deepen their taste and absorption in nama japa:
  25. Mathura Lila (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.41-50) – This audio minutely describes every exciting pastime that Sri Krishna performed in Mathura as depicted in the Tenth Canto chapters 41-51 of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The narration also includes Srila Visvanatha Cakravartipada’s incredible commentaries on Krishna’s Mathura lila, along with his sweet and intimate illuminations on Srimati Radharani’s revelations on the zenith of love divine contained in the “Bhramara Gita” » go to SoundCloud
  26. Nectar of Devotion – Deep explanations of Srila Prabhupada’s entire book, Nectar of Devotion, which is his English summary of Rupa Gosvami’s Sanskrit work Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu. You will learn the complete philosophy of Krishna consciousness, and how to correctly practice Sadhana Bhakti to attain the goal of human life, which is the  pure loving service of Radha and Krishna in the eternal land of bliss Sri Dhama Vrindavana. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02
  27. Nityananda Kathamritam – A rare collection of 30 nectar hours on the teachings and pastimes of the merciful Lord Nityananda, who is Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s main preacher of Hare Krishna Nama Bhajana and Bhakti Yoga. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203
  28. Panchanga Bhakti – The 5 most essential power practices leading to prema in the Bhakti Yoga path to divine perfection are clearly revealed here. Learn exactly how to master the art of 1) hearing Srimad Bhagavatam tenth canto; 2) chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra; 3) worshipping Radha-Krishna Deities; 4) associating with devotees; and 5) practically living in Vrindavana today. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 0405
  29. Prarthana – Manjari Bhava Sadhana “Highlighting verses teaching manjari bhava sadhana.” » go to SoundCloud
  30. Radha Rasa Sudha Nidhi – A nectar ocean of classes all about scintillating Radharani’s sweet Holy Name, form, qualities, pastimes, Her dear sakhis and Her dearest beloved Priyatama Shyamasundara. You must listen if you are at all interested in practicing Raganuga Bhakti Sadhana, » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 0405
  31. Raganuga Sadhana Bhakti – This audio explains raganuga bhakti sadhana, which is a type of sadhana practice based on a forceful and feeling-full attachment to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The classes discuss thirty-three verses from Srila Rupa Goswamipada’s Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (1.2.287-309), which define and explain the science of raganuga-bhakti. Other references are quoted to supplement the presentation. » go to SoundCloud
  32. Rasa Lila Katha – Lectures on Chapter 29 -33  of the 10th canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. Listen and learn the complete truth about the transcendental identity, position and relationship of Radha and Krishna and the cowherd damsels of Vraja-bhumi. This collection establishes the proper religious and philosophical foundation to clearly understand Radha-Krishna’s famous RAASA LILA pastime which they enjoyed on the sandy banks of Yamuna in Vrindavana 5000 years ago. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02, 03 , 04, Rasa Lila 2020 (SB 10.30-33)
  33. Real Truth of The Jiva – Clear truth about the jiva from JIVA TATTVA book by Sri Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji Maharaja << go to SoundCloud
  34. Sankalpa Kalpa Druma – Japa Walk Through. Lila Meditations “Manjari Sevas”
    Narration: Sankalpa Kalpa Druma by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti. Chanting Sri Harinama japa while meditating on these sweet sevas of Srimati Radharani will absorb your mind, and sink your heart in the ocean of bliss in blending nama and lila. » go to SoundCloud
  35. Shiva Tattva – 30 hours describing everything you ever wanted to know about Lord Shiva. You will learn how Shiva is Krishna’s  greatest devotee; why Gaudiyas observe Shivaratri; how Lord Shiva gives you residence in Vrindavana; and how Mahadeva gives  Radha-Krishna prema. » go to SoundCloud
  36. Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata – In depth classes on the truths of divine love in living action as taught by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu— the Kaliyuga Golden Avatara of Krishna-prema. Each and every Bengali verse of Vrindavana Das Thakura’s entire medieval biography of Lord Chaitanya entitled Chaitanya Bhagavata, is wonderfully described here. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 040506, 0708091011, 1213
  37. Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita – Listen to 108 different new pastimes about Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s blissful life.These stories are full of enchantment, entertainment and enlightenment about the practices of Bhakti Yoga to attain  Radha-Krishna Vraja prema. The speaker has selected and personally titled these stories which are taken from Krishnadasa Kaviraja’s classic biography of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu entitled Chaitanya Charitamrita. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 040506
  38. Sri Govinda Lilamrita – These superb lila meditations come from the Govinda Lilamrita, which contains the most enchanting and beautifully sweet asta-kaliya lilas of Sri Sri Radha Govinda in Goloka Vrindavana.
    This 15th century book was written by the Gaudiya Vaisnava siddha purusha and crest-jewel of rasika poets named Kaviraja Sri Krishna Dasa Gosvami. In the introduction, he says the book [and our audios] is the ideal lila meditation guide for all sadhakas of raganuga bhakti. May all listeners experience the incredible mental peace, heart’s sweetness and life’s joy that arises from this audio experience. » go to SoundCloud
  39. Srimad Bhagavatam – Live Srimad Bhagavatam classes on selected verses from Canto one to twelve with inspiring and creative commentaries by the speaker, which are recorded in New Delhi, Mumbai, Vrindavana and Mayapur. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 0203, 040506, 0708
  40. Sri Prem Bhakti Candrika 2021 – Lectures reveal book’s secrets on Manjari bhava Sadhan to attain the prem seva of Radha Govinda Yugal in Braj Nikunja » go to SoundCloud
  41. Sri Radha & Her Manjaris 2016 – These lectures glorify Srimati Radharani, Her dearest maidservants and living in Vrindavana. Listen & Learn how to develop gopi bhava, and get the most from living in Vraja! » go to SoundCloud
  42. Stavavali – Teaching Manjari Bhava Sadhana » go to SoundCloud
  43. Sunday Satsanga – This new audio series presents the weekly question/answer sessions in Radha Kunda with Mahanidhi Swami, devotees and friends discussing Gaudiya Vaisnava siddhanta, sadhana and sadhya. You will surely become spiritually enriched by hearing this sweet flow of relevant and personal Hari Katha! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!
  44. Occasional Classes
    Tirobhav Pandit Sri Krishna das Babaji Maharaj 07.01.22
  45. Ujjvala Nilamani – These lectures describe how Radha-Govinda Yugala and the Vraja-gopis love, serve and live together in the blissful realm of Sri Vrindavana » go to SoundCloud
  46. Vilapa Kusumanjali – Vilapa Kusumanjali, which means “A bouquet of lamentations” is the title of a book written by Srila Raghunatha dasa Goswamipada. These lectures, based on this book, explain the mood of Radharani’s maidservants, and exactly how to render personal service to Sri Radha. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02
  47. Vraj Sadhu Diary – Lessons on love learned from known and unknown sadhus
    and Vrajavasis met in Vrindavana (2002-2019) » go to SoundCloud
  48. Vraja Yatra – Spiritual visits to each temple and holy place in Vrindavana, Vraja Mandala. In the presence of 300 pilgrims or a handful of friends, the speaker captivatingly describes the sweet lilas Sri Krishna enjoys with His loving Vrajavasi associates. » go to SoundCloud: 2007, 2008, 200920102011
  49. Vrindavan Lila (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.1-40) – This audio minutely describes every exciting pastime that Sri Krishna performed in Vrindavana as depicted in the Tenth Canto chapters 1-40 of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The narration also includes Srila Visvanatha Cakravartipada’s incredible commentaries on Krishna’s Vraja lila, along with his sweet and intimate illuminations on the five Gitas i.e. Venu, Pranaya, Gopi, Yugala and Viraha. » go to SoundCloud
  50. Vrindavan Mahimamrta – Selected verses from Prabhodananda Sarasvati’s book “Vrndavana Mahimamrta”, describing the unique sweetness of Vrndavana’s: dust, grass, creepers, trees, forests, Yamuna, birds, cows, sakhis, manjaris and Sri Radha’s beautiful name, lotus feet, form and qualities are uddipanas or stimulants to Radha Krsna’s eecstatic love. Knowing all these features which are uddipanas or stimulants to Radha-Krsna prema, will help one practice Raganuga Sadhana bhajana. » go to SoundCloud Part: 01, 02, 03 (2020)