Krsna Ages and Places

By: Mahanidhi Swami

10.9 (ten years nine months) leaves Vrndavana for Mathura, kills Kamsa, installs Ugrasena as king.

10.10 Goes to Avantipura, 2 months schooling with Sandipani Muni.

12 years Kåñëa returns to Mathura; sends letters to Vrndavana with Uddhava, who remains in Vrndavana for two months pacifying the Vrajavasis with Kåñëa-katha.

12.2 Kåñëa visits Vrndavana for two months as a cowherd boy enjoying with the gopis and other Vrajavasis; returns to Mathura and stays about 24 years.

38 Kåñëa moves to Dvaraka, midway in His 36th year.

44 Kåñëa attends Kuruksetra solar eclipse; meets Vrsnis and Vrajavasis, especially Sri Radha and the Vraja-gopis.

44.3 Kåñëa stays three months in Kuruksetra associating with the Vrajavasis.

45? Or so Kåñëa returns to Vrndavana after killing Dantavakra near Mathura.

45.2 Sri Kåñëa returns to Dvaraka after two month stay in Vraja. Sri Kåñëa remained in Våndävana in His unmanifest form as He always does. This time, however, Sri Kåñëa was visible to the Vraja-väsés, and thus they were able to associate with Kåñëa constantly.

57 Sri Kåñëa at Kuruksetra, where Pandavas win the war.

110 Dvaraka; Çrématé Rädhäräëé, along with Her other svakéya-gopé expansions, come to Dvärakä and Sri Kåñëa marries them. Then Sri Kåñëa stays in Dvärakä, with the svakéya-gopé expansions and His queens, for another fourteen years.

125 Sri Kåñëa returns to Goloka, thus closing His earthly pastimes.

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