Krishna Nectar Lila 76 – “Yogi Krishna” part one

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Once upon a time while Damodara, Balarama, Sridama, Sudama, Subala and the other gopas rested beside the Yamuna, the cows, attracted by the fresh sprouted grass, wandered deep into a nearby forest named Munjatavi. For no apparent reason the birds sleeping in the trees suddenly startled, filled with fear, and darted from the treetops when the cows entered the forest.   

Krishna, whose eyes are colored like pink lotus flowers and who is the inner guide of all living entities, noticed that the gopas had become apprehensive about the safety of the cows. In a mood of love Krishna compassionately addressed them, “Hey friends! Look! Where have our cows gone?

Only the light of happiness shines in this forest full of birds and deer. So there is really no need to worry about the cows. Nevertheless, since we cannot see any of them right now, let us go find the cows and rejoice again in their company.”

After the beautiful Lord spoke, the gopas, who are expert in herding cows, looked for partially chewed grass, fresh hoof prints in the soil, and any other signs of the cows’ movements. Following these signs, they walked through the densely foliated forest. Reaching the end of their desire to search any longer, the cowherd boys became doubtful and apprehensive about the safety of the cows. They resembled people who become full of distress and lamentation after not finding any happiness in life.

Suddenly the gopas saw a powerful forest fire devouring all the dry reeds and grass in its path. Their eyes burned from the blustery hot winds generated by that fire. Overwhelmed with sadness and anxiety, the cowherd boys looked at each other with tear-filled eyes. Their movements resembled a bewildered man who prays when facing difficulty. Not finding the cows, the gopas just kept thinking about them.

Meanwhile, seeing no sign of their masters, no escape from the fire, and no hope for survival, the cows cried in fear. Upon returning to the Bhandiravat tree, the gopas reported the results of their search. Krishna responded by promising to personally save the cows from imminent death. Although Krishna is the Supreme Brahman and a cintamani gem fulfilling the desires of all, He assumes the form of an ordinary human being.

Dashing into the Munjatavi forest, Krishna summoned the cows with a sweet tune from His flute. Then He called them individually with His melodious voice, “Hee! Hee! Hee! Hey Dhavalike! Hey Candani! Hey Nandini! Hey Mukte! Hey Indu-tilake! Hey Kasturi! Hey Karpurike! Hey Pinge! Hey Rangini! Hey Dhumale! Hey Kinjalike! Hey Syame! Hey Ketuki! Hey Candrike! Hey Shavalike! Hey Kasmirike! Hey Campake! Hee! Hee! Hee!”

The transcendental vibration of Krishna’s magnificent murali enchanted the entire universe and attracted the cows. Hearing the gentle sound of Krishna’s sweet flute reassured the cows of their imminent rescue.  Overwhelmed with joy, the cows eagerly waited for Krishna.

But since they were trapped in a ring of fire they could not see their savior. In desperation they cried in response to Krishna’s call. Their voices choked with fear, the cows continually vibrated a piteous “Humba! Humba! Humba!”

Though far beyond the comprehension of munis, jnanis, and impersonalists, Krishna is easily seen by His pure devotees. Hearing the wailing of the cows in the distance, Nandanandana, Haladhara, and Their gopa friends felt reassured that they were nearby.

The brilliant effulgences and radiant smiles of the cowherd boys dispelled the deep darkness of the forest as they rushed toward the cows. The rising tidal wave of jubilation cleansed all anxieties from their bewildered minds.

Then by the arrangement of Providence, the boys found the cows standing helplessly unprotected in the middle of a blazing fire. “Alas! Look how they are suffering! They are in great danger and very close to death,” thought the cowherd boys.

The greatly distressed cows immersed their minds in thoughts of Krishna while staring at Him with shining, tear-filled eyes. Being the limitless ocean of compassion, Krishna felt very much aggrieved to see their agonized condition.

The raging flames of the fire reached so high into the sky that even a torrential downpour could not extinguish them. Before immediately swallowing that uncontrollable forest fire, Krishna, whose face is incomparably beautiful, addressed His followers, “O friends! Just close your eyes, forget about this illusion, and be happy again.”

The cowherd boys, their long hair hanging attractively over their shoulders, closed their eyes while Krishna displayed a drop of His unlimited opulence. 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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