The Truth of Manjari Sadhana part three

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das


This is part of our Padma Purana raganuga sadhana article series. The ancient Vedic pramana titled Padma Purana tells how Narada once came to Vrindavana, and asked Vrinda-devi to tell him about Lord Hari’s daily eight-fold pastimes in Vrindavana, the asta-kaliya-lila.

Since this is a long discussion, we will present it in parts. By reading this, one learns that the Padma Purana is the source book for famous asta-kaliya-lila granthas written by various Gaudiya Vaisnava acharyas in the 15th and 16th century. The famous Krishnaika Kaumudi, Govinda Lilamrta, and Krishna Bhavanamrta base their material on this Puranic authority.

Note: The following entries are unedited, presented as it is downloaded from Net.

Srimati Vrinda-devi said, “O Naradaji, now I will describe Radha-Krishna’s asta-kaliya-lila beginning with nishanta-lila.

Nishanta Lila 3:36-6 am.

O Narada, I shall also tell you the secret since you are a devotee of Krishna. In Vrindavana which is charming and adorned with fifty bowers, in a chamber with divine gems, in an arbour of the desire-yielding tree, Radha Govinda Yugala embracing each other remain (in a) sleeping (position), though later Radha-Govinda are awakened by birds obeying my orders.

Radha-Govinda have obtained great joy due to a close embrace and are afraid of its being disturbed. Radha-Govinda do not at all desire to get up from the bed. Then Radha-Govinda have to get up from their bed when awakened with various notes made on all sides and repeatedly by groups of sarikas and parrots etc.

Seeing Radha-Madhava seated gladly on the bed, the friends enter (the bower) and offer Lila Yugala services appropriate for that time. Then Radha-Madhava, having got up from the bed by the notes of sarikas, overcome with eagerness go to their respective houses.

Pratah Lila 6-8:36 a.m.

In the morning, Krishna, awakened by his mother, quickly gets up, and having with Baladeva brushed his teeth and being allowed by his mother, goes, being surrounded by his friends, to the cowstall.

O brahmana, Radha too, awakened by her friends, gets up from her bed, and having brushed her teeth would then smear her body with unctuous substances. Then Radharani goes to the quandrangular for bath. There Kishori is bathed by her friends.

(Then) Radha goes to the chamber for decoration, and there her friends decorate her with ornaments and various divine fragrant flowers and unguents. Then when, with effort, her friends request her mother-in-law and then Radhika is invited along with her friends by Yasoda to cook good food.

Narada said, “O Vrnda, how is it, O goddess, that Radha is invited by Yasoda to cook food, when there are foremost cooks like Rohini mata?”

Vrnda replied, “I have formerly heard from the mouth of Katyayani that in olden days she was granted a boon by Durvasa. And O great sage the boon was: ‘O respectable lady (Sri Radha), the food which is cooked by you, would be, as a result of my favour, sweet and vying with nectar, and would in the same way promote long life of the eater (of it).’

“Thus Narada, Yasoda, loving her son, every-day calls Radha to her home to cook Krishna’s breakfast. Yashoda is thinking, ‘my son, due to longing for sweet (food), would, (after eating it) live a long life.’

Allowed by her mother-in-law Jatila, Radha, being delighted, would go to the house of Nanda. Going there with the multitude of her friends she cooks there also. Krishna also, having milked the cows and having some others got milked by (other) men, comes home surrounded by his friends at the words (i.e. order) of his father.

Having smear-ed his body with unctuous substances and having had shampoo-ing and after being gladly bathed by servants, Shyama puts on washed garments, a garland, and has his body smeared with sandal.

With his neck and forehead shining due to the hair on his head separated and tied at two places, with the hair redden-ed by the dot on the forehead resembling the moon, and shining, with his hands delightfully glittering with jewelled bracelets, armlets, and bracelets worn on the upper arm, with his chest shining due to a pearl necklace, having put on ear-rings resembl-ing crocodiles.

Sri Krishna, holding the hand of his friend, and being followed by Baladeva, would enter the dining hall, after being again and again called by his mother. Then, surrounded by his friends and brother, making them laugh by means of (anecdotes etc. causing) laughter, and himself laughing with them, Gopala eats various kinds of food.

Having thus eaten (food), having sipped (water), having rested on a cot for a while, and distributing and chewing the tämbüla given by the servants.

Purvahna Lila 8:36-10:48 a.m.

Krishna, having put on the dress of a cowherd, with the flock of cows going ahead of him, followed on the path by all the residents of Vraja with love, having saluted his father and mother, and having sent back properly the host (following him) with a glance, would go to the forest. (Padma Purana, patalakhanda cp. 83.18-44) more in part four. Radha-Krishna asta-kaliya-lila ki jai! Sri Vrnda-devi ki jai! Narada Muni ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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