Manjari Meditations 02: “Vrindavan Mahimamrita”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

These amazingly sweet and charming nectar-filled verses will carry you into the realm of Srimati Radharani’s eternal seva. The original Sanskrit verses of Vrindavan Mahimamrita by Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati are all incomparably beautiful and worthy of remembrance.

However, since most people cannot memorize Sanskrit verses, we have presented mostly just the English translations. These verses paint wonderful lila pictures for meditation on Radha Krishna’s Vraja lilas. And most importantly, they will help a sadhaka to adopt the feelings and sentiments, gopi-bhava, of a dasi of Sri Radha. The verses have titles to facilitate their remembrance.

Sataka 3.55 Crying in Bhajan

When with the wealth detachment will I stay in the forest of Vrindavan? I will rest my cheeks on my palms and repeatedly cry out, “O Krishna! O Krishna!”

Sataka 3.109 Life and Soul

A manjari’s supreme love for the lotus feet of Radha Krishna is her very life.

radha -krishna -padaravinda, parama -premaika -jivatubhis

Sataka 4.48 Solitary Bhajan

Even if my hair turns grey, my body becomes weak, and kaupins, torn garments, and an old shawl are my only possessions, still I will remain peaceful while staying far away from others as if I am low and fallen. But in my heart, I will always be completely absorbed in serving the lotus feet of Sri Radha.

Sataka 4.81 Mother Vraja

O beautiful land of Vrindavan! You are supremely more affectionate than millions of mothers, sri -vrndatavi -koti -matr -parama -snigdha!

Sataka 4.88 Vraja Ultimate Atonement

Radhika’s forest of Vrindavan is the perfect atonement for all sins; the ultimate shelter for all offenses to great souls; the crest jewel of all dharmas, and the crest jewel of all goals of human life.

Sataka 5.71 Vraja Only Shelter

Even though I am bewildered by lust and other material desires, still I hanker to attain that pure love which is hidden in the Vedas. Thus, I continue to stay here because the compassion of Vrindavan is my only shelter, vrindaranya -karunaika -me -sharanam.

Sataka 5.96-99 Radha Describes Krishna’s Love

One day Radhika privately met Her priya sakhi and revealed how much Krishna loves Her:

“O sakhi! Day and night your Krishna stays with Me. Krishna braids My hair in various ways; draws artistic designs on My face with musk, kunkum, and sandalwood paste. Krishna dresses Me with beautiful clothes, ornaments and flower garlands.

“Krishna always keeps His radiant moon-like face before mine and gazes at me with unblinking eyes. Krishna is very eager to talk to me. Krishna lies down holding me on His heart, and He always keeps me by His side.

“O sakhi! How can I describe the love that jewel of all romantic lovers has for me. Don’t ask me to tell you how I became so fortunate. I cannot describe my unlimited pastimes to you. Because as soon as Shyam holds my hand I forget who I am, where I was, and later I can’t remember anything.

“Alas! Shyam decorates my braid with exceptional flowers, draws a line of red sindhur in my hair part, anoints my eyes with kajal, dresses me in silken garments, and repeatedly gives me betel nuts to chew.

“Thus, in so many ways Shyam shows His love for me. Krishna is so attached to me He won’t even move me from His lap to put me in the bed.”

Sataka 6.29 Power of Vraja Connection

If you live in the earthly land of Vrindavan; or meditate upon and offer obeisances to Vrindavan; or travel to, see or touch Vrindavan; or have any connection with Vrindavan; then aho, this supremely purifying land of Vrindavan will carry you to Goloka Vrindavan!

Sataka 6.71 Intimate Seva

Alone with Lila Yugal inside the nikunja, the manjari says, “O Swamini Radha! Please stay still for a second so I can remove all the signs of amorous sporting from your eyes, limbs and clothing. Lalita and the other sakhis are coming soon. If they see you like this, they will all make jokes and laugh loudly. Then you will feel very embarrassed.”

Sataka 6.74 Intimate Sevas

Inside the nikunja, a manjari serves Radha Muralidhar by arranging Their hair, applying tilak, daubing sandalwood paste, offering betel nuts and flower garlands, feeding Them tasty foods and drinks, massaging Them, and many other sevas.

Sataka 6.75 Varieties of Sevas

Some expert manjaris decorate the kunja, some string beautiful flower garlands, some prepare varieties of fragrant things, and some sew fine silk clothes.

Sataka 6.81 Seva Bhava

I pray that Sri Radhika’s maidservants, who bitterly lament when any obstacle stops their seva to the master and mistress of their lives, may appear before me, sphurantu -mama -sri -radhika -aradhikah.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe! See part three manjari meditations.

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