Manjari Meditations 03: “Vrindavan Mahimamrta”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

These amazingly sweet and charming nectar-filled verses will carry you into the realm of Srimati Radharani’s eternal seva. The original Sanskrit verses of Vrindavan Mahimamrita by Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati are all incomparably beautiful and worthy of remembrance.

However, since most people cannot memorize Sanskrit verses, we have presented mostly just the English translations. These verses paint wonderful lila pictures for meditation on Radha Krishna’s Vraja lilas. And most importantly, they will help a sadhaka to adopt the feelings and sentiments, gopi-bhava, of a dasi of Sri Radha. The verses have titles to facilitate their remembrance.

Sataka 6.85 Joy of Manjaris

Due to their naturally intense, sweet loving attachment for Radha Krishna, the manjaris experience ecstatic symptoms like erect bodily hairs as they continually dive into an ever-expanding ocean of transcendental bliss. Radha’s manjaris smile, laugh, and their bodies blossom with excessive loving madness at every moment.

Sataka 7.30 Manjari Abhiman

For manjaris, Radha Krishna are everything, their very life and soul. “Alas! Even in the greatest calamity may I never fall into the bodily conception thinking, ‘My body, my home, and its many things are mine.’”

Sataka 7.36 Mercy of Vraja

All glories to Vrindavan which forgives all one’s faults and offenses, and nicely maintains and nourishes one who vows to take complete shelter there, vrindavanam -ashrita -poshanam -vratam -ashesha -dosha -kshama.

Sataka 8.17 Constant Meditation

Always meditate on Radha’s millions of dasi manjaris, dasi -yutha -kotir -anusmara.

Sataka 8.23 Manjaris Unique Position

What more can I say about the special mercy Radha gives to her manjari? When Radha enjoys pastimes with Priyatama in a cottage of creepers, she sometimes sits her manjari on the bed and covers her with a sheet, paryanka -sthapitam, -vastrair -vacchaditam -kvachit

Sataka 8.42 Why Hear About Manjaris

By repeatedly hearing about the forms, feelings and sevas of the manjaris and their intimate relationship with Sri Radha, you will become happy and hanker to hear more, shrutva -srutvati -sukhitam, punah shravana lalasam

Therefore, surely in all times and places you should always remember and meditate upon this. Even if you have not seen or realized these topics, still you should hear and speak about them and live in beautiful Vrindavan, asphurtitah -kathato -pi -srimad -vrindavane -va.

Sataka 8.73-74 Manjari Sevas

As Radha’s kinkari, you repeatedly fan your dearest Radha with the edge of your veil, offer her betel nuts, and offer Radha to her beloved Prityatam Shyam. You lovingly offer Radha a delicious cool, nectar drink scented with camphor and other spices poured from a jewel studded water pot.

Sataka 9.72 All Senses Engaged

The manjaris’ ears are immersed in the sweet nectar of Radha Hari’s conversations. Their eyes are fixed on Radha Krishna’s effulgent forms and loving pastimes. And their minds are greatly intoxicated from arranging the festive meetings of Radha and Krishna.                                                                                     

Sataka 10.89 Radha’s Lotus Feet

I always remember the incomparable effulgence of Sri Radha’s lotus feet, smarami -sri -radha -charan -kamal -jyotir -atulam

Sataka 10.96 Mother Vrindavan

“I am full of great faults and I don’t have even the slightest trace of good qualities. I repeatedly commit many unforgiveable offenses. But still, O Vrindavan! You are like my mother and I am your son. So please don’t reject me.’’

Sataka 11.116 Manjari Abhiman

“I have a beautiful body of a Radha dasi, and I always live in Radha vana. I satisfy Radha’s heart by tastefully serving Radha’s lotus feet day and night, radha -dasya -lasad -vapur, anisha – radha -pada -seva, antas -toshita – radha, rasiko – radha -vane -sada -nivasa.”

Sataka 12.64 Fortune of Vraja Vasa

Only the most fortunate attain residence in Vrindavan, where the fragrant air purifies everyone it touches, vrindavan -sakala -bhagyavatam -varishthair -labhyam -surabhy -anila -pavita -sarva -sabhyam

Sataka 13.2 Faith in Vrindavan

One will not see the mercy of Radha’s lotus feet until one has firm faith in the land of Vrindavan,

vrindavan -bhuvi -bhaven -napi -nishtha -garishtha -radha -carana -karuna -naiva -drshi.

Jai Jai Sri Radhe! See part four manjari meditations.

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