Scripture, Free Will and Me

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Someone asked, “If we have no free will, then why do scriptures prescribe dos and don’ts? Scriptures say, ‘Do this—it’s good, don’t do this—it’s bad. If we have no free will, then why do scriptures present choices?

The intricacies of cause and effect, destiny, karma and free will are indeed very perplexing. From scriptural study we understand that if (God) Bhagavan Sri Krishna inspires someone to do good, Krishna will also inspire him to look at the scriptures, which He Himself has provided to guide the one whom He inspires to do good in the first place.

That “Krishna inspired” person will then see the scriptures and think, “O if I do good like Krishna wants then this will happen. But if I do bad then this will happen.”

Then if Krishna (God) wants that person to spiritually progress, Krishna from within the heart as the Antaryami will inspire that person to choose the right thing. And accordingly, Krishna will give the power to act rightly. As per His completely independent free will, Krishna is doing everything—setting up the whole thing to bring the “chosen few” to His lotus feet.

But why Krishna only inspires a few to look at scriptures and do good? Krishna is svatantra, Absolutely and completely independent—far beyond our logic, cause and effect and reason.

It’s best to ask Krishna the next time you see Him or when He lets you get there to the spiritual realm. Meanwhile, count your blessings…cause you be one of d chosen!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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  1. Sabari
    Sabari says:

    Is that mean jivas desires are comes from mind due to its past karma and that desire of jiva only be executed if Krishna sanctions it? Please explain


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