11 Suggestions for Leaders

Mahanidhi Swami

Once the members of a huge world-wide preaching mission were asked to list 11 points of behavior that they would “like to see in their spiritual mentors”. Many talk devotion, but way too few show devotion!

Here’s the list for everyone to imbibe and live by. By implementing these 11 loving, devotional behavior expressions in one’s life, one will see his/her bhakti lata grow by leaps and bounds while producing lush green leaves and divinely sweet petite purple flowers. Jai Radhe!


  1. Regularly serve prasada.
  2. Are generous.
  3. Push others forward.
  4. Genuinely care for others’ welfare.
  5. Instruct disciples to honor god brothers and sisters.
  6. Are inclusive instead of exclusive.
  7. Live very simply.
  8. Sometimes joke and laugh with us, not at us.
  9. Apologize after making mistakes.
  10. Ask others what they want to do to please Krishna.
  11. Don’t insist on being served.

Vaisnava seva ki jai! Trnad api… Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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