Krishna Nectar Lila 53 – “THE LOVE TALKS”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

All the married gopis like Radhika and Candravali, and the unmarried gopis who had fallen in love with Krishna displayed these super-excellent emotional ornaments.

They were curious to test each other’s loving mood towards Krishna. The exquisite elegance and radiance of even the toenails of the gopis easily derided all the dazzling ornaments decorating the goddess of fortune. The beautiful raised hips of the gopis frustrated the pride of the celestial nymph Rambha, and crushed to dust the royal throne of Cupid, who now sits on their hips to rule his kingdom.

Their slender waists mocked the middle portion of Siva’s damru (small x-shaped drum). The luscious beauty of their full breasts made pomegranate fruits seem worthless. Indeed, upon seeing these wonderful fruits the pomegranate tree stops producing fruits.

The rich red hue of their lips looked like the sky at sunrise or a blossoming bandhujiva flower. Their teeth beamed more brilliantly than shining pearls. One easily abandons the association of his very self just by glancing at them.

The arrow quiver of Cupid felt insulted upon seeing the charming openings of their noses. Upon viewing the captivating sidelong glances of the gopis, Cupid hung his face in shame and forgot how to shoot his arrows.

The attractive blue eyes of the gopis heavily rebuked the natural beauty of the blossoming blue lotuses swaying in the Yamuna. The incomparable beauty of the moon-like lotus faces of the gopis appears to have closed the petals of the lotus flowers and dried up the lake supporting them.

The most beautiful of the gopis acted as group leaders and accepted submissive service from their faithful gopi associates. The gopi group leaders are eternally liberated companions of Sri Krishna, and famous for their expertise in relishing srngara-rasa. They always display favorable moods of love toward Krishna.

The intensity of their love, however, is not a by-product of passionate youth as in ordinary humans. Although the gopis are eternally the dearmost lovers of Krishna, according to human calculation it appears that the gopis begin to manifest intense loving emotions toward Krishna when they enter youth. Mundane scholars should not be surprised by the natural expression of the gopis’ purva-raga for Krishna. The gopis did not taste this rasa upon attaining a particular age, but rather from birth they felt this inconceivably sweet form of love for Krishna. 

Visakha, a group leader and dearmost friend of Sri Radha, exists as a sweet branch of an enchanting creeper of nectar. Once upon a time in a secluded place, Visakha composed an exceptional verse and spoke to her dear friend Radhika. “Hey Sumukhi! How has Your heart suddenly been so transformed?

“Your present state of mental agitation is greatly paining the minds of Your relatives. This mentality has been steadily growing within You from the day of its appearance. Even an intelligent person using his powers of argument and persuasion cannot understand Your mental state!

“Why are You no longer interested in Your studies? Previously, You took such care to train Your pet parrots, and You used to amuse Yourself watching the dancing peacocks. Why have You suddenly stopped playing Your vina and joking and laughing with Your dear friends? Has that Vanamali Krishna stolen the precious jewel of Your mind?

“Hey sakhi! As a lake devoid of lotus flowers feels no pleasure, it is not surprising that You feel such anguish. There cannot be any happiness for the white lotus flowers until the life-giving sun rises. Besides seeing the monsoon cloud, nothing gives You joy. Your condition is just like the cataki bird who lives only by drinking rainwater falling in the sky, or like Rati-devi who accepts no other lover but the flower archer Kamadeva.

“Besides sitting on the lap of a rain cloud, can a lightning bolt ever cherish any other display of elegance? Does the wife of the cuckoo, except in the month of caitra, ever become intensely eager or worried about separation from her lover? Can a royal swan appear beautiful if there is no water in the lake?

“Can a waxing moon grow during the dark fortnight? Without a gold-testing stone, how can pure gold reveal its own character? Only in the presence of spring (madhava—a month or Krishna) does the creeper (madhavi— Radha) produce its sweet and fragrant flowers. White lilies blossom and give forth their honey only when the full moon appears overhead.

“Hey sakhi Radhe! Why are You concealing Your sentiments from me? Nothing can be hidden from a trained jeweler who can easily test the value and quality of a particular gem. In the same way, You cannot conceal Your emotions from me, for Your love is well known and praised by all. Be merciful and quickly tell me everything about Your new found love.”

After Visakha finished speaking, Lalita, who is an abode of all spiritual qualities adorned with Krishna prema, said, “Like the branch of a supremely gorgeous tree of love, Visakha has spoken quite befittingly. The splendor of night is appreciated during the presence of the moon. But who can cherish the beauty of the moon more than a cakori bird?”

Radhika responded, “Lalite! You have acted very boldly and courageously by thinking about the possibility of an impossible attainment. When Visakha-sakhi attains the month of Madhava (Krishna), she does not give up the nature of the star named Visakha, which enters the sky during the month of Madhava.

“Similarly, it is quite proper to declare that Visakha desires only to unite with Krishna. Therefore do not consider Me to be like You, although Visakha usually helps to enhance the beauty of Madhava (Krishna).”

Lalita-sakhi: “Hey sakhi! Whatever is destined will definitely happen. This is because the month of Visakha is also known as the month Radha. It is only Radhika who gives service during the month named Radha or Visakha. Since the words Radha and Visakha are both of the same category, it can be said that the name of the star called Visakha is actually Radha. Who is the one who becomes beautified by that Radha star? Indeed, it is Krishna who is adorned and served by that Radha.”

Her face beaming with a sweet nectarean smile, Radhika said, “Hey Lalite! What kind of flower appears on a creeper in the sky? One may answer by saying that it is a sky flower of course. Similarly, since your question is also illusory, should I give an illusory answer? Certainly sakhi, you have conquered Laksmi by your words. Now do not perturb Me by speaking imaginary statements.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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