A Maan Bhanga Lila

Mahanidhi Swami


Once Madana-mohini displayed an intensely contrary mood (maan) that Vamshidhari could not remove by any means.


The playful Dhira-lalita Shyama then devised a charming trick. Krishna strung a beautiful flower garland and draped it on Kishori’s neck. But Devi just threw it away in disgust. By chance that garland fell on Krishna. Hari immediately frowned, grimaced and sighed as if He had been badly injured.


Shyama then sat silently in a corner looking very sad. Observing Krishna’s behavior, Srimati felt very anxious and worried. Then to solace Shyama, Manini Radha held Krishna’s shoulders. At this, Krishna laughed mischievously and enveloped Radha in a loving embrace!

Srimati Radharani ki jai! Maan Bhanga ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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