Gaura-Govinda Jala Keli part five

Mahanidhi Swami

One day in Jagannatha Puri, Sri Chaitanydeva was rescued from the tossing waves of the sea by His loving devotees. Slightly dazed, Mahaprabhu sat on the beach and looked up into the vast sky above. Suddenly, Mahaprabhu began speaking in a most absent-minded way.

Sri Chaitanya said, “Coming to Vrindavana, I saw the Yamuna and the damsels of Vraja. The gopis were removing their garments and ornaments and handing them to their attendant sakhis. Donning thin white bathing attire, they joyfully entered the Yamuna along with their beloved Priyatama Shyama.

“While standing on the bank, I saw Vrajrendranandana playing in the water, jala-krida. Krishna, Radhika and all the gopis were enjoying pastimes in a greatly sportive mood, maha-range karena keli.

“They began a water fight, and everyone started splashing water back and forth. In the tumultuous showers of water, no one knew who won or lost, jaya-parajaya. The water fight, jala-yuddha, went on and on unlimitedly. Nava-ghana Shyama and the tadit-gana sakhis mutually drenched each other in showers of water.

“In the beginning, they just playfully splashed water on each other. Then it broke out into a free-for-all as they fought hand to hand; face to face; chest to chest; teeth to teeth; and finally nail to nail! O, what prema can’t do!

“Thousands of hands splashed water; thousands of gopis’ eyes gazed at Govinda; thousands of legs brought them near Shyama; and then they kissed Krishna with thousands of faces and embraced Him with thousands of bodies. And with thousands of ears they relished Raman’s intimate joking words.

“Krishna forcibly dragged Radha into water up to Her neck. Grasping Shyama’s neck, however, Padma Sri floated on the water like a lotus.

“Krishna expanded Himself into one form for each loving gopa-sundari. Shyama then behaved with them in many naughty ways. Suddenly Radha and Krishna started a love quarrel, krishna kalaha radha sane.

“While this was going on, all the other gopis fled and hid amongst the yellow lotuses. Submerging their bodies up to their necks, only their beautiful faces could be seen floating on the water.

“Radha broke away from Kanu and met with Her gopis. Together they attacked Govinda with full force and vigor. Nothing short of a maha-pralaya of water cascaded down on Madhava’s head.”

After describing His wonderful lila-drshti of seeing Radha-Krishna’s amazing jala-krida in the Yamuna, Mahaprabhu said, “By experiencing and tasting this lila, My mind has become blissful and My eyes and ears are now fully satisfied, kari asvadana, anandita mora mana, netra-karna judaila!” (Cc. 3.18.79-99)

Indeed, that lucky person, who in any place or time sees Radha-Krishna’s jala-keli lila, will definitely taste the highest bliss and feel absolutely rejuvenated and completely satisfied.

Gaura-Govinda Jala Keli Lila ki jai!

Yamunaji ki leheray bole, “Sri Radha! Sri Radha!”

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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