O, How Glorious are Devotees!

Mahanidhi Swami


In the last article, we heard about the glories of brahmanas.

Here Sri Narottama Dasa Thakura reminds us of the power and position of the saintly devotees of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. May we always be blessed with the darshana, sanga and seva of the wish-fulfilling angels of mercy gracing this gloomy world in the form of Krishna bhaktas, the Vaisnavas.


“The lotus feet of the saintly Vaisnavas are the greatest wealth in this world. O my dear brothers! Please listen attentively. One who takes shelter of the Vaisnava and worships Krishna is never forsaken by Krishna. Others die without reason.

“The water that has washed the feet of a Vaisnava gives divine strength to a person engaged in loving devotional service. Nothing else is more powerful than this. The dust of the feet of the Vaisnavas upon my head is the only decoration needed at the time of death.

“The Puranas and bhakti discourses often mention the purifying power of tirtha jal. However, the water from the feet of a Vaisnava far surpasses the benedictory power of such sacred water. In fact, all of one’s desires are fulfilled by taking the water from the feet of a Vaisnava.

“One experiences great bliss in associating with Vaisnavas discussing hari-katha. Becoming impatient due to forgetfulness of Krishna, Narottama dasa thus laments. (Prarthana 5.44)

Satam prasangam ki jai! Koti koti bhakta gana ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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