Balarama’s Birthday

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

This month is called Bhadra (good, gentle and auspicious) because it hosts the most wonderful and auspicious appearance days of Krishna, Radha, most of Radha’s ashta-sakhis and Lord Balarama! The Sri Vrajabhumi Panchangam, a Hindi calendar, says today August 31 is Baladeva Chati Mela Vraja Mandala, which means today , Bhadra Sukla-shasti (sixth day of the waxing moon), most Vrajavasis will celebrate


The official Radha-kunda Babaji calendar confirms this, saying, Vraja me Baladeva Ji ki Jayanti Mahotsava, “today is a big celebration for the birthday of Lord Baladeva.”

It is well known that Balarama likes to get “energized” by drinking varuni beverage and often does so in Krishna-lila. And in Gaura-lila, that same Lord Balarama appears as Sri Nityananda Avadhuta, who amazes and astonishes all with His unpredictable behavior. True to His wonderfully variegated and attractive nature, Nitai-Balarama surprises everyone by celebrating two fun filled, inebriating birthday parties; one on the full moon day in Shravana month and one today.

Baladeva Ji Jayanti ki jai!

Krishna Kanhaiya, Dauji Ka Bhaiya ki jai!

Sri Krishna Balarama ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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