Gauranga Becomes Hanuman

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

In great ecstasy, Gauranga-sundara enjoyed a variety of pastimes with His loving Nadiya-vasis. Being the sarva-avatari, purnatama swayam Bhagavan, Mahaprabhu would sometimes please His devotees by displaying His various forms such as Vishnu virata-rupa, Nrsimha Bhagavan, Lord Rama, Sri Krishna and Radha Govinda Yugala. And once Mahaprabhu even became the greatest of dasya bhaktas.

One day on Vijaya-dashami, Sri Chaitanydeva celebrated Sri Rama’s victory over Ravana, lanka vijayera din. To enter the mood and pastimes of Sri Ramachandraji, Mahaprabhu personally dressed up all His devotees as monkey soldiers, vanara-sainya.

Himself becoming Hanuman, hanuman aveshe, Mahaprabhu grabbed a large tree branch, scaled the walls of the Lanka fort and began to smash it to pieces!

“Jai Sri Rama!” “Jai Sri Rama!” “Jai Vajrangabali!” “Jai Ajanu-lambita Gaura!”

In great anger, Hanuman Mahaprabhu roared, “Where is that Ravana who has kidnapped the mother of the universe? Now I shall kill him and all his family, krodha aveshe, jagat-mata hare, papi marimu sa vamshe!”

Astonished to see Mahaprabhu as Hanuman, everyone repeatedly cheered, “Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Jai Ho! (Caitanya Caritamrita. 2.15.31-35)

Bhagavan Sri Ramachandraji ki jai! Jai dasya-rati Hanuman ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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