Hanuman’s Giriraja Parikrama

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Soaring through the sky at supersonic speeds. What is it? Is it a meteor on a collision course with Mother Earth? Is it a thunderbolt cast by the angry rain god? No, IT’S HANUMAN, holding a huge mountain in his powerful hand! Jai Hanuman!

Lord Rama gave the command! And hoards of bears and love-crazed monkeys ran in every direction to bring rocks to build the fabled bridge to unite the anguished lovers pained by the pangs of separation. While collecting mountains and boulders from the Himalayas, Hanuman noticed a huge mountain towering above the land of Vrindavana.

Alighting from the sky, Hanuman repeatedly tried with all his strength, but to no avail, to lift that beautiful majestic mountain. Hanuman was perplexed and wondered how this mountain could be more powerful than he. Thinking the mount was a great sage or rishi, and that he may have offended him, Hanuman immediately did a full parikrama (sat kosh, 14 miles) to appease him.

Suddenly, an akash vani (unseen voice) proclaimed, “The ocean bridge is now complete and no more rocks are required!”

Hearing this, that mountain became very unhappy and said, “O now I will not be blessed by the wonderful touch of Lord Rama’s lotus feet.” Hanuman, his heart melting with compassion, said, “O great one, please forgive me. Let me consult with my master and I will come right back.”

After Hanuman narrated the whole story, Sri Ramachandra said, “O Hanuman, that great personality is none other than Giriraja Govardhana! Go tell Giriraja that in the upcoming Dwapara-yuga, when I come as Vrajendranandan, I will hold him on My hand for seven days, and that he will be the best of My devotees, hari dasa varya!” (adapted, Adi Varaha Purana)

Ramachandra Bhagavan ki jai! Vajrangabali ki jai!

Giriraja Dharana ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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