O Krishna, Give Me Radha!

Mahanidhi Swami


One day in Vraja, while Srimati Radharani was playing with Govinda, She noticed the intense emotions of one new manjari, a nava-kinkari.

Radha, who just naturally overflows with love for Her dasis, then held that manjari tightly to Her bosom.

Feeling overwhelmed with joy, that nava-dasi then prayed to Radha’s dearest, “O Madhava, You are the pinnacle of divine bliss. With Your brilliant white teeth, mild smile, and blossoming lotus-like beautiful face You enchant the entire world. Please bathe me in the nectar of service at the lotus feet of Your dearly beloved Radhika.

Continuing, nava-dasi prayed, “All glories to you Shyamasundara! You defeat billions and billions of Cupids with Your slightest sweet, flirtatious gesture. O sweet smiler! You are the embodiment of supreme bliss. Please bless me with service to Your Priyaji.”

Hearing nava-dasi’s heartfelt words, Govinda looked at her with smiling lotus eyes, bathing her in the rainfall of His full affection. After that, by the mercy of Radha Govinda Yugala, nava-dasi started performing all kinds of intimate service.

She was so expert in seva that Radha-Madhava always kept her nearby. Thus nava-dasi was fully sheltered in the seva of Radha-Krishna. (Sangita Madhava, Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati) Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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