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In Karttika month, Maa Yashoda bound her Lala Damodara, Dhruva had darshana of his ishta-deva, Lord Vishnu, and King Amburisha humbled the powerful Rishi Durvasa. In Mathura Mahatmya, Srila Rupa Goswamipada highlights the glories of living in Vraja Mandala during Karttika: “It gives immense pleasure to Bhagavan Sri Krishna, and Krishna awards one residence in the spiritual world. Although Karttika comes every year, foolish people (nara-mudha) do not take advantage of this.” (verses 172-180)

Please do not take the last phrase personally. Srila Rupa Goswamipada, like Sri Krishna in Gita motivating Arjuna in different ways, is trying to encourage us to observe Karttika Vrata in Vraja [especially Radha Kunda]. Let’s just say the phrase means, “Stop fooling around, get serious about bhakti, and arrange to spend Karttika this year in Radha Kunda to get the full mercy of Karunamayi Sri Radha.

To facilitate the devotees wanting to do this, I have collected the names and the up-to-date contact numbers of guesthouses in Radha Kunda. You must call first, and then come here to personally see the rooms before booking. As there are lots of varieties of accommodations, you must see yourself. If a guest house is not in Radha Kunda, it will be marked (N), meaning near, 1-3 km. from the village.

  1. Manipur Gopala Mandira 9897430910
  2. Sri Nathji Ashram 8755116769
  3. Gajendra Goswami 9897412716; 9456684004
  4. Sriji 9411442020; 9634215583
  5. Lakshman Brijwasi 9897509067
  6. Raghu Lila (N) 7417103234
  7. Yugala Bhajana Kutir (N) 8791314610
  8. Radharani G.H. 9997874528
  9. Smt. Susma Parashar (N) Noida G.H. 9897500365
  10. Giridhari G.M. (N) 9760628646; 0565-281-5668
  11. Radha Kunja G.M. (N) 9454875061
  12. Rupanuga Bhajana Ashram 9412777437
  13. Nataraja Manipur Mandir 9897534796
  14. Nitai G.M. (B.R. Sadhu) [behind Mahanidhi S. Ashram] 8755570735

KARTTIKA 2018 CLASSES: Radha Kunda, Mahanidhi Swami Ashram
October 20 – November 23, 2018

3 pm – 5 pm  Rasa Lila Katha
5 pm – Radha Kunda Parikrama with Sri Harinam Sankirtana

Radha-Damodara ki jai! Karttika Vratosava ki jai!

Shyama Kunda Radha Kunda ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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