Nineteen Ways to Serve Vrindavana

By: Mahanidhi Swami

1. Sweep, wash and clean the footpaths of kunda steps, parikrama paths, lilasthalis and old temples.

2. Donate money to repair and maintain old temples especially at specific lilasthalis.

3. Visit each holy place with great respect, eagerness and enthusiasm to hear its glories and also give donations to the temple pujaris and pandas (brahmana guides).

4. Show the utmost respect to Vrajavasis, temple pujaris and pandas (brahmana guides) at each holy place.

5. Give donations of food (sweets, fruits, juices, grains etc), cloth and money to children and needy Vrajavasis.

6. Wherever possible plant fragrant flowering trees, creepers and plants to beautify lilasthalis, temples and other open areas of the holy dhama.

7. Don’t pollute Vrajadhama with plastic bags, bottles, containers and other non-biodegradable articles.

8. Regularly and respectfully bathe in sacred waters and worship them. And also worship all the Deities with at least a ghee lamp and some incense.

9. Help the Vrajavasis who are performing Nama and Dhama seva.

10. Offer dandavats and roll in the dust of all lilasthalis.

11. Glorify the presiding Deities at each temple and lilasthalis with sweet kirtana and bhajanas.

12. Hear or read about Krsna’s lilas at every holy place you visit.

13. Also ask the pujari or panda to tell you some transcendental pastimes of Krsna.

14. Never visit Vraja without hearing Hari-katha from devotional Vrajavasis.

15. Inspire and help others to visit or live in Vraja dhama.

16. Speak, write, make videos and print books about the glories of Vraja dhama.

17. Every day in Vraja rise early and chant, sing, hear and read the glories of Radha-Govinda with a fixed vow.

18. Never ever think, hear or speak, criticism or gossip about any Vrajavasis.

19. When not in Vraja dhama, try to remember the Vraja deities, lilasthalis, pastimes, Hari-katha and devotees you experienced there.

Sridhama Vrindavana ki jai!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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