Thakuraji’s Summer Water Play

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Like all Vrajavasi boys do on sizzling summer days, Syama Govinda loves to swim, play and sport in different cooling water bodies of Vraja like Radha-kunda, Yamunaji, Manasi Ganga and Pavana Sarovara, jala sayi jala priyam. (15.12)

In Hari Bhakti Vilasa (15.1-18), Sri Sanatana Goswami says during scorching days, april-july, 35-50 degrees, am11-6pm, one should stand, place or submerge their beloved Thakuraji in a vessel of cool water, because Krishna is fond of playing in the prema-filled waters of Vraja, krsnam jala viharinam. (15.2) And Thakurji’s daily water sporting should be a super celebration! (yusna -samaye, bhagavata -jala –krida -mahotsavam. (15.19)

Thakuraji Water Play Seva

Summary of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna’s jala-krida festival:

1) Stand Thakuraji (Sri Murti, Deity) under dripping water (a small overhead shower or a fountain before Him); or place in a vessel (thali, large bowl) of cool water coming from a silver or clay water pot.

** Salagrama and Giriraja Baba can FULLY submerge in a water pot or big bowl of fragrant cool water, sitalena sugandhina jalena purite. (15.4) Sri Pandita Baba, and the head pujari of a famous Vrndavana mandir personally confirmed this point.

** Warning: Don’t observe water pastimes if a particular summer day is cloudy and gloomy

Thakura Madan Gopal’s under water sports with Srimati Radhika ki jai!

2) Scent the water with tulasi manjaris, sandalwood paste, rose water, edible camphor, and flower petals of rose, mogra, juhi, camelli etc.

The daily offering of this jala-krida seva will greatly increase one’s attachment to and remembrance of Radha-Madhava. And of course, one will feel very blissful by pleasing and satisfying Sri Krishna in this way.

Sri Sanatana Goswami gives the following benefits of Thakuraji’s jala-keli-mahotsavam: attain never ending beauty and religious merit (punyam -anantakam); family becomes pure and never sees hell (kula-pavana, kule -na -bhaved -bhupa –naraki); and attain the merit of millions of havans and homas (yajna –koti –satam -bhuvi) (15.8-15)

However, there is a deeper purpose of this wonderful water service.

If done with the proper feeling and attitude, Sri Krishna will be very happy and pleased. Then Krishna will enable one to become deeply absorbed in meditating upon Radha-Krishna’s playful water pastimes (asta kaliya lila) in the eternal spiritual realm, Goloka Vrndavana.

To enhance one’s visualization and experience of Radha-Krishna’s jala keli vihara, one can read the Srimad Bhagavatam (10.90), Govinda-lilamrta, Krishna Bhavanamrta, Krishnanika Kaumudi, and Bhavana Sara Sangraha which all fully portray this most innocent, playful, fun-filled pastime of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

Jala keli maha utsava ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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