Guru Tattva Nectar Drops

By Mahanidhi Swami

To honor the Samasti Guru Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Srila Vedavyasa on this Guru Purnima celebration, we enclose the following most inspiring and illuminating quotes concerning the truth of Sri Guru. The true spiritualist sees with two eyes, shastra chaksus and guru-chaksus, the eye of the infallible, perfect, transcendental wisdom of Veda, and the enlightened merciful eye of one’s benevolent personal Sri Guru. May the wise words of the Bhagavata lead all to perfection on the path of the highest selection.

Serving the Guru with devotion and offering Him all that one gains (practical service) is one means for easily attaining love of God. (sb 7.7.29-30)

Indeed, the Guru, who is Lord Hari Himself, is the most loved one, the very Self, from whom there is not even the slightest fear. He alone is wise, who knows this truth, and he who is wise is the Guru. (sb 4.29.51)

All vices and obstacles together i.e. lust, anger, greed, envy etc. can be conquered simply by devotion to the Guru. (sb 7.15.22-25)

Whoever sees the Guru, who is God Himself giving us the lamp of divine knowledge, as a mere mortal, loses all his knowledge. (sb 7.15.26)

Bhagavan Sri Krishna said, “Those who follow the Guru’s words, which are My words, easily cross over the ocean of material life.” (sb 10.80.33)

“An intelligent person will worship the Guru with exclusive devotion because he knows that Sri Guru is both the Lord Himself and His dearest servant.” (sb 11.2.37)

Commenting on (sb 11.3.48), Srila Sridhara Swami said, “If Sri Guru does not know the truth, he cannot erase the student’s doubts about bhajana matters. And if Sri Guru is not devoted he cannot infuse bhajana experiences into his student.”

Bhagavan Sri Krishna said, “You should know the acharya to be Me, and never slight or disrespect him or find faults in him, considering him to be an ordinary mortal. Sri Guru is the aggregate of all the Gods.” (sb 11.17.27)

When Uddhava asked, Who is the friend? Bhagavan Sri Krishna replied, “The greatest friend is the Guru, who is none other than Me. (sb 11.19.31, 43)

Om tat sat!

Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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