Guru Gita: Glories of Sri Guru

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

The “Guru Gita” appears in the Skanda Purana as a dialogue between Sri Siva and Parvati-devi. Excerpts are included here to increase everyone’s appreciation of, gratitude toward, surrender and devotion to their individual wisdom teachers who in this world are the only sources of peace, happiness, fulfillment and liberation.

Jai Guru!

One day on Mt. Kailasa, Sri Siva Sankara said: “O Parvati-devi! All sastric study, japa, vratas, tapas, tirtha yatras, yajnas and dana are a fruitless waste of time without knowing the truth of Sri Guru, guru-tattva. (19, 20, 21)

“Sri Guru is non-different from Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Without a doubt, the wise should rise out of ignorance by seeking knowledge of Bhagavan and one’s self from Sri Guru. (22-23)

Drinking the water from Guru’s feet will destroy all one’s sins, ignite the light knowledge, and carry one smoothly across the bhava-sagara, ocean of the worldly existence. (25-26)

Sri Krishna resides in the mouth of the Guru, because by his teachings one attains Krishna. And the disciple will attain this transcendental knowledge by guru-bhakti. One should meditate on Sri Guru at all times, just as a devoted wife thinks only of her husband. (30, 32)

The letter ‘gu’ means darkness and the three gunas [tamas, rajas, sattva] and ‘ru’ means light. Because Sri Guru has transcended the gunas by the light of spiritual knowledge he’s called Guru. (35) One should surrender one’s body, wealth and family to the sat Guru. (38)

Worship Sri Guru because he embodies the essence of Vedanta and Srutis. And by his mere remembrance all knowledge will automatically arise in one’s heart. (39, 40)

In all adversities only Guru can help you. (42)

If Bhagavan is angry with you, Guru can save. But if Guru is angry none can save. (46) Neither men, women or devas averse to Guru’s seva will ever be liberated from samsara. (53)

Without Guru’s infinite grace, peace of mind can’t be attained even after studying millions of scriptures. (56) Whoever vilifies Sri Guru goes to hell for as long as the sun and moon shine on earth. (58) Wise disciples should never speak proudly or tell a lie before Guru. (60)

One who speaks rudely or insultingly to Guru is born in a desert or as a jungle demon. (61) If you hear someone speaking ill of Sri Guru, then immediately leave that place. (72) The Guru is one who instructs the disciple about Sri Krishna, and reveals Krishna in his heart like one lamp lighting another. (75)

By the grace of Guru, transcendental knowledge appears in the disciple. (76) That happiness, which is found ONLY in serving Guru’s lotus feet far surpasses all the happiness in the Vedas, mantras and tantras. (89, 90)

By the glory of Guru diksa, all actions bear fruit and one attains everything. But without Guru one is a number one fool. (102) One should abandon a Guru who is devoid of knowledge or speaks untruth [apasiddhanta]. (104)

Those who fail to serve Sri Guru suffer in terrible hells. (150) Knowledge, wealth, strength, good fortune are all useless without the grace of Guru. (151) One who has Guru Bhakti blesses his father, mother, family, and the entire earth. (152)

Guru is Bhagavan; Guru is dharma, and the greatest penance is unshakable faith in Guru. Thrice I repeat this: “There is nothing greater than Guru.” “There is nothing greater than Guru.” “There is nothing greater than Guru.” (154)

O Parvati, one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death by pleasing Guru. (157) All places of pilgrimage are present at the holy feet of Guru. (159) The true Guru removes all afflictions from the disciple’s heart. (162)

One gets proper Guru by the grace of Krishna. And upon attaining one, the disciple never again becomes bound in samsara for he/she liberated forever. (173) Just by darsana of a real Guru, one attains joy, peace and steadiness in life. (183)

By chanting the Guru’s name, without a doubt countless lives of sins are destroyed. (187) At the time of death nothing and no one can save one but Sri Guru. (188) One purifies one’s entire dynasty and pleases all the devatas by satisfying Sri Guru. (189)

Those without Guru diksa will never know Bhagavan and remain like animals. (191) All attachments, doubts and karmas are destroyed by the grace of Guru. (193) He who does not respect and honor the Guru will take innumerable births as a dog and then become a candala. (202)

One should always drink the Guru’s foot bath water, eat his remnants, meditate on his form and repeat his name. (210) There is nothing in the universe greater than Guru. Therefore, one should worship the Guru. (211)

Even if the disciple has no knowledge, just by Guru bhakti one will attain liberation. If one maintains unbroken devotion for Sri Guru, then no other sadhana is needed. (212)

Jai Gurudeva! Guru Gita ki jai! Saba Guru Gana ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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