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The Ten Offenses to Sri Krishna’s Holy Names (Padma Purana)

  1. satāṁ ninda-namnaḥ param aparādham vitanute, yataḥ khyātiṁ yātaṁ katham u sahate tu tad vigarhām

The topmost offense (param aparadha) is to show envy or criticize a devotee, saintly person, or one’s Guru.

  1. śivasya śrī visnor ya iha guṇa nāmādi sakalam, dhiyā bhinnaṁ paśyet sa khalu hari-nāmāhita-karaḥ

One will get no benefit from doing Harinama (hari-nama ahita karah) if one sees or thinks that the names or qualities of Sri Visnu and Siva are different (bhinnam).

Please find more information about this offense and the Visnu/Siva relationship in our articles here.

  1. guror avajna

To disrespect, disregard or disobey the guru.

  1. śruti śāstra-nindanaṁ

To disrespect any scriptures describing God.


Think the glories of the Name are empty praise. Or to give concocted interpretations on the meanings of Krishna’s Holy Name.

  1. hari nāmni kalpanam

Consider praises of Krishna’s Holy Names to be exaggerated or imaginary. Or give imaginary meanings to Krishna’s Holy Names.

  1. nāmno balād yasya hi pāpabuddhir, na vidyate tasya yamair hi śuddhiḥ

To commit sin on the power of Krishna’s Name means one has sinful intelligence (papa buddhi). Such an offender cannot be purified by any type of rule or regulation (yama na suddhi).

  1. dharma-vrata-tyaga-hutādi-sarva, subha-kriyā sāmyam api pramādaḥ

To consider Krishna’s transcendental prema giving Holy Names to be a form of subha karmas (auspicious beneficial actions) like other punya,  karmas such as varna/asrama dharma duties, vows, austerities, fire yajnas or homas.

  1. aśraddadhāne vimukhe’py aśṛṇvati, yas copadeṣaḥ śiva-nāmāparādhaḥ

It’s an offense to give instructions about the auspicious holy names of Krishna to the faithless (asraddha); or one whose face is turned away from God (agnostic, not interested (vimukhe); and to one who does not want to hear anything about Krishna (asrnvati).

What about book distributors who come across many faithless people, yet still they try to convince them about Krishna consciousness? Is this committing the second offense?

NO, because if someone stops and listens to you that means Krishna is favoring them. And if they show interest, listen humbly or buy a book that is all arranged by Krishna. However, if they are unqualified in any of the above ways, they will just say “Get lost, no thanks, not interested, I don’t want.”

Then if you push or force that will be an offense because they don’t want to hear, are atheists etc. By the mercy and blessings of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Sri Guru, we sold Srila Prabhupada’s books every day for 6 years 1975-1981.

Among Gaudiya Vaisnavas, it is commonly said, “Vaisnava seva, jiva doya, nama ruci”. Jiva doya means showing kindness to all jivas, living entities, which is best done by giving prasada, Harinama Sankirtana, preaching and book distribution. Some acaryas say, “This phrase means if you serve the Vaisnavas (Vaisnava seva) and preach to the qualified (jiva doya)—then you will get taste and attraction (ruci) for chanting Hare Krishna!”

  1. śrute’pi nāma-māhātmye yah prīti rahito naraḥ, ahaṁ mamādi paramo nāmni so’py aparādha-kṛt

To not have faith, taste or affection (priti) for Krishna’s Holy Names even after hearing the glories of Krishna Nama, and to not give up material attachments and continue to think and act only in terms of “I and mine” (aham mam adi).

Nama Acarya Haridasa Thakura ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe! Sri Harinama ki jai!

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