Krishna Nectar Lilas part 21 “Devas Pray”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Devas Pray

At that time two effulgent persons emerged from the trees. Delivered from their curse, the two demigods offered prayers to Krsna, “0 embodiment of eternity and boundless bliss. You appear more attractive than a cluster of soft, beautiful dark blue rain clouds. All glories to You! All glories to You!

“No one can understand the mysteries of Your transcendental pastimes. You have appeared on earth just to enact Your splendid spiritual sports. Along with Your appearance came many mighty demons eager to fight with You. However You always exhibited greater power and easily defeated them in an artistic fashion.

“Even though just a tender boy, You have personally uprooted these two massive arjuna trees. You are definitely one without a second. You pour mercy upon everyone and bestow abundant affection to the fallen. As a common man enjoys different playful sports, You relish wonderful varieties of rasa in all Your pleasantly artistic transcendental pastimes.

“Truly You are the embodiment of auspiciousness appearing in Vrndavana to benedict all the Vrajavasis. The moon, lord of the stars, becomes totally afflicted upon seeing the beautiful radiance of Your moon-like face. The natural glow of Your attractive lips surpasses the reddish color of a bimba fruit. You delight learned sages by cutting the dense vines of ignorance with the axe of Your mercy.

“Human intelligence cannot penetrate the fathomless ocean of Your transcendental pastimes. But one can attain Your lotus feet by following pure devotees. The words of the lotus-born Brahma, the blue-throated Mahadeva, and other demigods are always ornamented with descriptions of Your transcendental qualities.

“While Your effulgence alone displays complete and unlimited power, You personally perform various playful pastimes. Strands of jeweled necklaces adorn Your broad chest. Your fes’ deride the purity of land lotuses. Although You appear in specific forms in all four yugas, You have as many unlimited names and forms as there are stars in the sky. As the white incarnation Your glorious deeds wer pure and faultless.

“O Lord of the three worlds! You quickly satisfy the desires of all materialistic people who proudly proclaim, “This is mine!” 0 master! We offer our respectful obeisances unto You. In this whole creation who can compare with You? You are one without a second! 0 Supreme Personality of Godhead! Who is not bewildered by Your illusory energy? 0 enchanter of all minds! You astonish everyone with Your matchless ability to do the impossible.

“O bliss personified! O darling son of Nanda Maharaja! As the crest-jewel among all the immortals who wander through the pleasure groves of Vrndavana You perform superexcellent pastimes. Though using the choicest Sanskrit slokas, the best of sages fail to properly praise You.

“You exist simultaneously as formless bliss and bliss personified. In either gross or subtle forms. You alone exist everywhere. You exhilarate both Your humble servants and the realized souls. The incessant stream of consciousness flowing from Your lotus feet looks like a form of the nectarean Mandakini (celestial Ganges). Please shelter us under Your splendidly sweet lotus feet, and destroy all attachments preventing this.

“O friend of the distressed! We have no desire other than the desire to touch the pollen dust on Your lotus feet. Narada’s curse turned into our greatest boon. Association with sadhus who intensely yearn for Your service, therefore, always gives good results. May our words perpetually glorify You. May our minds be forever fixed on Your lotus feet. May our ears be constantly absorbed in hearing Your teachings.

“What more can we say? Now that all our senses are engaged in pleasing You, we can relish the nectar of Your loving service. Narada Muni, that saintly honeybee who always drinks the nectar of Your feet, has released rain clouds of mercy upon us by His apparent curse. You, who display Your attractive pastimes in thousands of universes, have kindly allowed such fallen souls as us to see them.

“O Lord! Who can describe the immense fortune of Your mother who bound You to this mortar? What more can we say? Even Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Indra, and all the exalted sages in the universe do not possess even a fraction of a grain of the good fortune of mother Yasoda. 0 omnipotent one! Even the greatest jnanis, vedantists, and yogis cannot understand You. But You quickly avail Yourself to premi-bhaktas intent on hearing Your transcendental pastimes as Nandanandana.

“O Lord! We want to become completely attached to Your lotus feet. we beg You to please reveal within in our hearts the right prayer to in this. Alas! Show us how to live righteously by accepting the results of our good and bad karma.” Praying thus the demigods proceeded Northward and disappeared.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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