Krishna Nectar Lilas part 14 “Gopis Complain”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Gopis Complain

Once the Vraja gopis talked amongst themselves, “Krsna brings good fortune wherever He goes, and His presence make everyone’s life glorious. Who in this world is not enchanted by the frivolous and amusing childhood pastimes of Krsna? Who cannot appreciate these mirthful activities?”

Rather than getting upset, they felt the greatest happiness whenever Krsna broke their clay pots and stole their butter. Still the housewives of Vrndavana pretended to be angry and complained to Yasoda about Krsna’s stealing.

In a mixed mood of love and laughter the gopis warned Yasoda, “O Queen of Vrndavana, Yasoda! In the future you will suffer for the mischievous acts of your son. Although now your son is like a young sprout with tender leaves, already He is disrupting the whole creation.

“But be careful, in the future when this tender sprout grows into a tree full of leaves and branches, He will bring you tremendous pair- Now your boy’s adventures are just beginning, but by nature they are forever expanding. Your son’s naughty behavior will soon destroy our own village. We have no idea what mischief He will do next.

“Before our cows have been milked, your son unties the calves and makes them drink all the milk. If someone tries to rebuke Him, He simply smiles sweetly and that person immediately forgets all his anger. If we keep our butter in a dark storeroom, He uses His natural effulgence to easily find and steal it.

“But instead of eating it Himself, He takes great pleasure in feeding it to the monkeys. When the monkeys reach their fill and are unable to eat more, Krsna breaks the pot and throws the butter on the ground. He catches the butter pots which are beyond His reach by stacking many small tables on top of each of other, climbing them, and extending His arm to grab the pots.

“Krsna is always stealing our butter and yogurt. If someone tries to stop Him, He immediately drops the food on the ground and quickly escapes. If by chance a housewife captures Him, Krsna twists her wrist and runs away. Then from a safe distance He yells back, ‘Hey just stay where you are! If you come any closer, I will give you even more trouble by teasing your babies and making them cry.’

“If someone calls, ‘Hey thief, stop!’ Krsna becomes angry and shouts, ‘You are the thief. This house is Mine and everything in this house belongs to Me.’ In the morning we spread a fresh layer of clay on the outer walls of our houses, and paint beautiful designs on top of it with powdered limestone. Then your son Krsna comes along to spoil everything by throwing dirt all over our houses.

“In front of you, Krsna is so quiet and well behaved. But when He enters our homes He acts frivolously, steals our food, speaks sharp words, and becomes angry and greedy.”

In this way the ladies of Vrndavana, pretending to be angry, made many complaints against Krsna. But in reality Krsna’s joyous pranks filled everyone with pleasure. When accused by the gopis, Krsna feigned innocence and shed false tears. Though culpable for His immoral acts of stealing and offending the villagers in various ways, Krsna tried to minimize His misdeeds by speaking very sweetly.

Responding to the charges of the gopis, Krsna said, “Mother, none of these ladies have any affection in their hearts. They are not speaking a single word of truth. Actually they are all liars, and have given up their human dignity. Whenever I see them or their sons I feel completely happy because of the natural affection I have for them, I regularly visit their homes every morning at sunrise.

“Ma, so knowing My motives you can easily understand they are deliberately telling lies. You should not believe them at all. Mother, since you are My worshipable superior, from now on I will not visit My friends any more.” Saying this, Kaña sobbed and cried.

Vrajesvari Yasoda put Kaña on her lap and smiled shyly at the gopis in order to conceal her real mood. Then just to please Kaña, Yasoda said, “You gopis are all telling lies, Only Kaña is telling the truth. He is just an innocent boy, so how could He possibly do such things? I think you have already scolded my son sufficiently.”

After saying this, Yasoda spoke affectionately with the gopis. Then as a friendly gesture, Rohini applied tilaka to their foreheads and sent them home. After the departure of the gopis, Yasoda, who is expert in the laws of etiquette, spoke to Krsna, “My son, because of greed You performed many improper acts in the homes of our friends.

“Although in Your own home such behavior is acceptable, in the home of another it is totally unbecoming. O beautiful one! These deeds of Yours were not good at all. From now on just stay here and play.” After instructing her son Yasoda caressed Him lovingly.

Just then Vrajaraja Nanda arrived and brightened the room with his favorable feelings. Nanda spoke pleasing words to encourage and pacify his charming son. “O Vatsa! Come sit on my lap.” Leaving Yasoda lap, Krsna climbed up on Nanda’s lap and wrapped His arm around His father’s neck.

Then Krsna said softly, “Why is mother chastising Me for nothing?”

Nanda responded, “What is this all about?”

That fabulous boy of oceanic intelligence replied, “Mother, now tell truthfully what happened.”

Then mother Yasoda recounted the misdeeds of Krsna by repeating the words uttered by the gopis. Pointing to Queen Yasoda, Vrajaraja Nanda said, “My son is faultless. He has not done anything wrong. I always see Him behaving nicely.

“By siding with those who made fun of Him and with those who showed envy toward my jewel-like son, you have wrongly accused my well-behaved son and so you should be punished.” Concealing his real mood behind these words, Nanda rebuked Yasoda and comforted his son: “0 my darling son, just stay in my lap and do not go to anyone else.”

Though hearing His father’s words, Krsna immediately jumped off his lap just like an unpredictable child, and quickly climbed on Yasoda’s lap. Seeing this gave both parents a hearty laugh.

Excerpt: Kaviraja Sri Karnapura Goswami’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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