Krishna Nectar Lilas part 15 “Krishna Plays in Dirt”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Krishna Plays in Dirt

One day Vrajaraja Nanda and Yasoda spoke about their son Krishna. “When Krsna is out playing He likes to wander off alone leaving the powerful Balarama behind. We should hire someone to supervise Their play, and send some expert servants to accompany Them. Let them wander all over Vrndavana serving our two boys.”

Shortly later, Nanda engaged some servants to take care of his boys. As a baby elephant picks up dirt with his trunk and throws it all around, Krsna entered the open fields of the village, and olayfully covered Himself and His friends with vraja-raja (dust of Vrndavana). At this time Krsna used to sport with both young boys and girls of the same age.

Sometimes Krsna quarreled with the gopas and gopis and beat them, and other times they beat Him. Krsna responded by laughing, getting angry, or by not reacting at all.

Playing in the dirt Krsna, built houses, a toy wall, or a small town. Other times He broke the dirt houses of His friends and they broke His. When Krsna rebuilt His house, they would break it again.

While curiously observing these antics from the sky, the demigods thought, “Simply by His glance thousands of unlimited universes come into existence and then again are dissolved. Instead of bothering with that work, He now plays in the dirt making roads, homes, and villages.

“Although He is becoming exhausted from doing this, He does not give it up.” Krsna’s perplexing pastimes captivated the minds of the demigods. While Krsna delighted in the dirt, He looked like the sun shining in the sky.

The housewives of Vrndavana, full of motherly affection, addressed Krsna with sweet words, “O darling boy! Please come to our beautiful courtyards, play with our children, and take some food.”

Hearing this, Krsna smiled and replied softly, “I cannot come because I do not have any spare time.”

Thus, the all-attractive beloved of every mother’s heart cleverly responded to the elderly gopis. Anxious to express their motherly affection toward Krsna, these impatient gopis held His hand and hurried to their homes. In their eyes, fortune had blessed Krsna alone as the sole recipient of matchless beauty.

Brimming with love, the elderly gopis served Krsna by rubbing His body and bathing Him. With great devotion they fed Him butter, rabri and ksira, and then sent Him home.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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