Krishna Nectar Lilas part 16 “Gopal Eats Clay Laddus”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Gopal Eats Clay Laddus

One day Krsna ate some clay in order to expand the glories of His beloved land of Vrndavana and to purify the universe. Upon seeing that, Balarama, who possesses keen powers of discrimination, and a group of cowherd boys ran to tell mother Yasoda.

“Mother! Krsna cannot control His mind. Out of greed He just ate some clay! Despite our rebukes, He Just keeps eating more and more.”

On hearing such harsh words about her son, Mother Yasoda felt disturbed. Her eyebrows raised in anger, she grabbed a bundle of sticks and quickly ran out of the house. Finding Krsna, she said. “Hey You naughty boy! Why did You eat clay? Didn’t I give You enough sweets? Who can enjoy eating clay?

“Just as we caught You before doing mischief in others’ homes, now we caught You again. Don’t You realize that You cannot hide Your faults? Your elder brother and friends are always there to witness all Your misbehavior.”

In fear of His mother, Krsna tried to conceal His faults. Though performing many mischievous deeds. He pretended to be completely innocent, and poured profuse tears from His lotus eyes. In order to counteract the charges, Krsna said emphatically, “Mother! I did not eat any clay. They are all lying. If you do not believe Me, then just look in My mouth.”

Vrajesvari Yasoda replied, “Alright, open Your mouth.” Krsna, the embodiment of unlimited power and the abode of good fortune, smiled and opened His lotus mouth. Mother Yasoda saw Bhuloka and the seven islands amidst limitless oceans. Bhuloka extended for a great distance with varieties of human beings and roaring rivers along its edges.

Both small and large forests covered its surface. Trees wrapped with flowering creepers blowing in the wind spread in all directions.

Lions and many types of animals inhabited its huge mountain chains. She saw the lower planetary systems including Nagaloka and the Nagapatnis serving their master. She saw the heavens complete with stars, planets, constellations, and the passing of the days. She saw the abodes of the celestials populated by Siddhas, Caranas, Gandharavas, and Vidyadharas.

Munis such as Marichi, Atri, and other famous sages beautified that realm with their radiant auras. Beyond that, Yasoda saw Maharloka, Tapaloka, and other universes as well. Countless living entities from the insignificant insects up to demigods like Indra and Brahma inhabited those regions.

Within Krsna’s mouth Yasoda also saw herself, Nanda Maharaja, Vraja-dhama, and her son Nandanandana. Upon marveling at these sights, mother Yasoda said, “What am I seeing? Am I dreaming? Is it the illusory energy? Is it a show of magic? Am I under a hypnotic spell?” ‘

This pastime put Yasoda into complete bewilderment. But after a moment, the wise Yasoda thought, “Indeed, this must have been a display of Krsna’s limitless power and opulence.”

Forgetting all these ideas, Yasoda tried to find out what had happened. Regardless of what she had seen, Yasoda felt that Krsna must protect her.

Upon seeing that amazing universal form, mother Yasoda concluded that her son was a most extraordinary personality. She thought, “Mahadeva himself must be astounded by the majesty and influence of my son. Certainly Krsna must be the supreme controller.”

Yasoda continued to treat Krishna as her dependent son. In order to expedite the free exchange of sweet intimate love between Himself and His dear devotees, Krsna quickly abandoned His mood as the Absolute Supreme Controller.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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