Krishna Nectar Lilas  part 13 “Churning Kheer & Other Fun”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Churning Kheer & Other Fun

Krishna: “Mother please tell Me about that churning of the milk ocean by the Devas and Daityas? How many milk cows made that ocean?”

Yashoda: “Darling, the milk ocean was not made by cows.”

Krishna: “Mother, you are lying to Me. How can there be milk without cows?

Yashoda: “The one who gave cows the ability to produce milk can also make milk even without cows.”

Krishna: “Who is He?”

Yashoda: “He is Bhagavan, the cause of creation. Bhagavan is immovable and all pervading. Although Bhagavan is everywhere, I cannot show Him to You.”

Krishna: “Well mother, are you telling Me the truth?”

Yashoda: “Long ago the Devas and the demons had a fight. To favor the Devas and bewilder the demons, Bhagavan churned the ocean of milk. Mandara Mountain served as the churning rod and Vasuki, the king of the serpents, offered his body for the rope. The demons and Devas stood on opposite sides pulling that rope.”

Krishna: “Mother, did they churn the way the gopis do?”

Yashoda: “Yes my son. The churning of the Kheer-sagara produced a poison named kalakuta.”

Krishna: “Mother, how did churning milk produce poison? Only snakes have poison.”

Yashoda: “Darling, Mahadeva drank that poison. But the snakes drank the drops of poison that fell from his mouth. As a result, they now have poison. The poison rising from that milk is also the energy of Bhagavan.”

Krishna: “Yes mother that is indeed true.”

Yashoda: “Darling, this condensed butter You are seeing in the sky is produced from that Kheer-sagara. That is why the moon is spotted with the remnants of that poison. Look carefully, do You see it? Therefore, do not try to eat that butter, but please take my freshly churned butter instead.”

After hearing this description, Krishna felt sleepy so mother Yashoda put Him to rest in an opulent golden bed on a fluffy soft mattress, whiter than powdered camphor.

The next morning Yashoda brought butter, yogurt and other eatables to Krishna’s room. Lovingly fondling Krishna’s body, she said, “Wake up! God forbid, you seem to be weak from not eating sufficiently yesterday.” After Krishna awoke, Yashoda cleansed His mouth with scented water. Then she offered Krishna a golden plate full of butter, yogurt and other delights while saying, “O my beloved son, take whatever You like.”

Krishna replied, “Mother, I will not eat anything that you have brought Me. Last night you lied to Me and put Me to sleep. And I felt very distressed due to hunger.”

Yashoda: “Krishna, if You went to sleep then who stole the butter?”

Krishna replied, “Mother, when did I steal your butter? You are lying.”

With His charming transcendental pastimes Krishna continually captivated the heart of mother Yashoda.

Sometimes while roaming in the courtyard Krishna caught a stray calf, put it on His lap, and kissed it with His lotus mouth. Seeing this Yashoda felt both pleased and apprehensive. In the pasturing ground Krishna sometimes grabbed the tail of a calf. Startled, the calf would jump up and run away dragging Krishna, dressed only by the wind, behind him. Thus Krishna Gopal stole the hearts of the Vrajavasis.

Sometimes, Krishna smeared cow dung all over Himself. Seeing it as musk covering His body, the Vrajavasis enjoyed a festival of beauty. At other times, Yashoda tied a very attractive turban on Krishna’s head, and dressed Him in gorgeous yellow garments. After marking Krishna’s body with tilaka the color of gorochana, she would anoint Krishna’s lotus eyes with soft kajala.

Adopting the mood of an ordinary mother, Yashoda placed her saliva on Krishna’s forehead to prevent people from casting an evil eye on her son, whose sublime elegance enchants the entire creation. While playing in the courtyards of the gopis, Krishna often wore a necklace of tiger nails set in gold and a waist belt bedecked with costly jewels.

Excerpt: Kaviraja Sri Karnapura Goswami’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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