Krishna Nectar Lila 63 -“FIRE ON THE BANKS”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Suddenly some other gopis that had remained awake discussing Krishna’s pastimes cried loudly, “O look! Look! There is a great danger ahead!”

Hearing the commotion, the cows woke up and cautiously looked in all directions. The gopa leaders talked among themselves, “What is happening?” Those who were asleep awoke and shouted in alarm. Looking worriedly toward Krishna, the gopis said, “The nails of His feet are more worshipable than millions of our lives. Let there be no danger to Him!” Judging from their frightened glances, Krishna, the darling of Vrndavana, looked at them with love and assured them in a grave voice, “Fear not! Fear not!”

Speculating about the impending calamity, the people said, “Is Kaliya seeking revenge and racing along the path beside the lake? Or is it a large group of wild elephants charging madly due to intoxication from playing in a mountain pool?” Then someone announced in a loud voice mixed with pain, “Hey look! Come on, there is no way out! Surrounding us is a huge forest fire about to devour us. Fire! Fire!”

On hearing this, Vrajaraja Nanda became afraid, but remembering Gargamuni’s words he immediately approached his son and said, “O my dear son! Please save us! Save us! Just in front of us is an immense forest fire. You are the one and only Lord of Vrndavana. This terrible fire is burning down Your home of Vrndavana, and rushing toward us with tremendous speed. Only You can put out this fire. There can be no more auspiciousness unless it is extinguished.”

Seeing His mother, father, friends, and family members overwhelmed with distress, Madhava said, “Do not fear!” An ordinary forest fire cannot appear in the transcendental land of Vrndavana. However, Krishna, by His own sweet will, manifested a fire to enchant everyone with His amazing pastimes.

The forest fire burned all the dry trees in its path. The leaves on the trees produced a crackling sound as they burned. Frightened animals fled in all directions from the raging fire. Nanda saw the gigantic fire licking the sky with its flames.

While observing the forest fire, Krishna thought, “This devastating fire is killing many beasts and threatening the lives of My friends. I feel compassion for the trees whose leaves are burning to ashes. And it hurts Me to hear the terrified crying of the cows. The thick clouds of smoke have blinded the poor birds flying overhead. Maddened with fear, the deer are running hither and thither. Under these circumstances what shall I do?”

As one pacifies the desires of poverty-stricken persons as soon as they arise, Krishna extinguished the fire as soon as it appeared. It disappeared as quickly as an illusion, a magician’s trick, a flash of lightning, an object in a dream, or as the wealth of an unfortunate person.

Under the shower of Krishna’s merciful glance the trees, shrubs, and creepers returned to their previous state. Not a trace of the forest fire remained. Observing this, everyone said in amazement, “We talked just like madmen. Where is that fire?”

In the evening light, the son of the king of Vrndavana looked very elegant as He entered the town with His cowherd friends. Krishna, the glory of His family, is filled with boundless bliss and always absorbed in exciting pastimes. He is a nectar shower of mercy, and the essence of all good fortune who teaches the laws of love to His devotees.

The people of Vrndavana surrounded Krishna and took great pleasure in praising Him with the prayers of Gargacarya. Pangs of separation overcame the Vraja gopis while waiting for Krishna to return. Although they spent the night like women far from their homes, when they saw Krishna coming they again overflowed with love. 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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