Krishna Nectar Lila 64 -“Radha’s Doubt Dispelled part 1”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

The minds of the young gopis of Vrndavana transformed due to their rising desire to enjoy intimately with Krishna. Many impediments prevented their meeting, but the chariots of the gopis’ minds always carried them to thoughts of Krishna. Because of their strong attraction for Krishna they could hardly think or act correctly. Cupid had seized control of their hearts and confounded their minds. They tried their best to hide their feelings, and by discussing among themselves they attempted to relieve the anxiety caused by the pangs of love.

One gopi named Candravali, anxious and overcome by intense love, spoke to her confidant Padma, whose elegance defeats the beauty of a lotus. “O golden-one! Listen my dear sakhi! My heart is totally attached to Syamasundara. My superiors are heavily criticizing me for this and my sister-in-law is poisoning others by speaking ill of me, but I cannot give up my attraction to Him.”

Padma replied, “O lotus-eyed one! You should know that the fresh love of the daughter of Vrsabhanu surpasses all of us. But as yet She has not met alone with Krishna. Before She consorts with Krishna, you should fulfill your heart’s desire by associating with Him first. Once Syamasundara enjoys with you, He will forget all about Her. Come now and I will make all arrangements for your love tryst. When Radha and Syama met that night beside the lake everyone understood the superexcellent position of Their confidential love. But my dear friend, you should know that Krishna’s love has no beginning and no end.” Thus Padma, who is expert in fulfilling the cherished desires of Candravali, encouraged her and made the necessary arrangements for her to meet Syamasundara.

Meanwhile, Radhika sat in a secluded place with Her dear sakhis Lalita and Visakha. The immeasurable weight of Her love for Krishna overpowered Her. While Radhika remained in a lonely place, Syama-sakhi, who is pure and faultless, and Bakula-mala sakhi arrived carrying a bakula garland.

Syama-sakhi said, “O darling of Vrsabhanu! You are the tilaka on the head of all the Vraja gopis and the crest-jewel of all beautiful girls. Who is more fortunate than You? Verily, among all living entities, You are the personification of love. What to speak of all living entities, You attract even the heart of Krishna, who is an ocean of wealth and good fortune. That night on the banks of the Yamuna after the Kaliya pastime convinced me that Krishna was madly in love with You.

“He pleased everyone and filled the gopis with rasa. His enticing form acted like an elephant goad pulling the hearts of the gopis hankering to taste His love. Like a cakora bird relishing the rays of the moon, He drank the nectar dripping from Your moon-like face with His sidelong glances. As far as I am concerned, You are certainly the only object of His love. Seeing Your mutual love my distress is now gone, and my heart is inundated with waves of bliss.”

Radhika replied, “O bold one! Why are you exaggerating so much? Hey sakhi! Where is that housewife in Gokula who has not accepted Kaliya-damana (Krishna) as her only object of love? Kumuda flowers open without the moon, but lilies need the moon’s tender touch to blossom into sweetness. Therefore You should know that Syamasundara is the only sweetheart for all the gorgeous girls in Vrndavana. He does not belong to any one sakhi!”

Syama-sakhi said, “Do not doubt my words and thereby inflict pain upon Yourself. Be satisfied with Your unique good fortune and be convinced that Syamasundara belongs only to You.”

Lalita said, “Syame! Are you speaking just to console Radha, or do you really mean what you say?”

Syama-sakhi replied, “O Lalite! Why don’t you ask my friend Bakula-mala?”

Lalita said, “O my dear sakhi Bakula-mala! Tell the truth. Do not say something just to please me.”

Bakula-mala said, “Hey Radhe! Radhe! This Bakula-mala herself will dispel Your doubts. Just hearing my words will give pleasure to Your ears. This morning that handsome boy passed by me on His way to tend the cows on Govardhana Hill, the source of happiness. For sometime Krishna played joyfully with His intimate companions. 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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