Krishna Nectar Lila 65 -“Radha’s Doubt Dispelled part 2”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

“Then Krishna went for a walk with Madhumangala and entered a forest of bakula trees. Krishna appeared like an ocean of bliss meandering amongst the bakula trees, which were laden with blossoming flowers. Krishna and his friend Kusumasava sat down and strung a garland of delicate bakula flowers. That bakula garland glowed brightly and emitted an extremely sweet fragrance. Feeling very shy and afraid that someone might see me, I hid behind some forest creepers and watched Him for a long time.

“At that time I heard Kusumasava, who was holding the pet parrot of Radhika on his hand, describing to Krishna about how Radha looks at Him with loving eyes. He told Krishna that when He goes out behind the cows, Radhika stands in the watchtower of Her palace and gazes upon Him with great longing. During His birthday festival Radhika spent the whole time simply looking at Him. Radhika stared at Krishna with totally fixed attention the day He subdued Kaliya.

“Hey Radhe! Listen to the other sweet words that Kusumasava spoke. Although his speaking seemed irrelevant, he said, ‘O my dear friend! The garland that You made is very special and You should use it to win the heart of Radhika. May it swing around Her neck and enhance Her beauty.’ Krishna smiled while replying, ‘How will this ever happen? Your statements are as illusory as the will-o’-the wisp.’ Kusumasava reacted to cover up his statements. At first he did not respond but just stood there silently like a picture.

“Just then, Padma-sakhi arrived there like an untimely storm and stood next to Krishna. Carrying the passenger of intense anxiety, the chariot of my mind ran away. But since I was only a short distance away, I overheard everything that Kusumasava said to Padma. He said, ‘Are sakhi! What are you doing here? You appear like the crest-jewel of cunning persons. What brought you to this lonely forest grove? Abandoning all shyness, you stand fearlessly in front of my friend Syamasundara who always tastes varieties of rasas.’

“Then full of pretension, Padma put a proposal before Krishna saying, ‘Listen beautiful one! My name is Padma and I am an intimate friend of Candravali-sakhi. She sent me here to pick flowers for the worship of Mother Gauri (wife of Lord Siva), the pure one. The particular flowers required for her puja only available only in this grove of Yours. Hence, I have come here in order to pick these bakula flowers.’

“Kusumasava replied, ‘It is well known that Gauri (Candravali) is attached to worshiping Gauri-devi (Durga), who is pleased by faith and love. Why didn’t Candravali come herself to pick flowers for her puja?’ 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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