Krishna Nectar Lila 66 -“Bakula Sakhi & The Mala”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

“Padma said, ‘O bold one! You are correct. But Candravali got bitten the first time she saw that poisonous black snake named Krishna standing by the bank of the Yamuna. The poison of His love now sears her tender heart.’

“Kusumasava said, ‘The only remedy to counteract that poison is to stop thinking about that snake.’

“Padma said, ‘I am searching for the means to distract her mind.’

“Kusumasava said, ‘It is very difficult to find such a means. Due to its cowardly nature, a mind fearful of a snake can never give up its fear. Similarly, when one’s mind becomes completely attached to Krishna it cannot go anywhere else.’

“Padma replied, ‘Nothing is impossible for one who is full of anxiety. Where there is mind, there must be anxiety. When one loses his mind, however, naturally he gives up all his anxiety. When that anxiety disappears then it can no longer dominate him. Becoming enchanted by a beautiful object can also steal away the mind. Indeed, that anxiety is amazing!’

“Kusumasava said, ‘Go and look for that one who steals the mind (Manohara—Krishna)!’

“Padma said, ‘At present your bakula-mala is that manohara. But that bakula-mala should decorate the neck of Gauri (name for Durga or Candravali).’

“Syamasundara said, ‘Hey my friend Varsa! This sakhi seems to be very clever. She wants to decorate the neck of Gauri with My bakula-mala. But she is not allowing Me to finish the garland.’

“Kusumasava said, ‘O bold one! Your bakula garland is meant for our dear friends. Who else could be qualified to receive it? Therefore sakhi, why not just pick up the bakula flowers lying on the ground and take those with you?’

“Padma replied, ‘How can I even dare to do that? Why are you depriving me in this way? If the prince of Vrndavana is inclined, He will personally give us some flowers.’

“Krishna said to Kusumasava, ‘What she said is perfectly correct. So you should give her some flowers in order to satisfy her sakhi and to perform the worship of Gauri.’ Then Padma, feeling overwhelmed in joy, took some bakula flowers and left.”

Bakula-mala continued to narrate Krishna’s pastimes to Radhika, “Hey Radhe! I overheard Kusumasava say, ‘O my friend Krishna! If among the young sakhis like Padma and others, a sakhi of Radha’s party comes here she could mitigate the pain in your heart. Then Your bakula-mala will have meaning.’

“After hearing this I moved closer to them on the pretext of collecting fallen flowers. Yet I acted in such a way that they could not tell I was listening to them. Seeing me, Kusumasava said, ‘Hey sakhi! Who are you?’ Immediately after saying this, the parrot perched on his hand said, ‘Aho, look! Here is Bakula-mala, the associate of Syama-sakhi who is a friend of Radhika. She is picking up bakula flowers to make a garland.’

“Kusumasava said, ‘What need is there of a garland? When the shameless young girls of Gokula can create bakula flowers and agitate everyone just by their sidelong glances.’

“The parrot said, ‘Now that you have this garland of bakula flowers you should give it to Syama-sakhi’s maidservant who in turn will give it to my deserving mistress Radhika.’

“Kusumasava said,  ‘Syamasundara! Just see, my words are coming true.’ And the parrot replied, ‘A brahmana’s words are infallible. You should give this bakula garland to Bakula sakhi and she will give it to Radhika.’ 

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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