Krishna Nectar Lila 67 -“Fragrance of Krishna’s Love”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

“Then Krishna, the destroyer of demons, smiled gently and spoke just according to the time and circumstance, ‘The young girls of Vrndavana are naturally proud. Why should they come here on the orders of Batu (nickname for Kusumasava or Madhumangala) who is simply a brahmana entertaining everyone with his jokes and silly behavior? Therefore, O best among the birds! In order to comfort your mistress, why don’t you fly to her. Hearing your pure, soft, and sweet request, that Bakula sakhi will accept your bakula garland.’

“Immediately that best of the birds flew to me and said, ‘O Bakula-mala! Do you recognize me? Why are you picking bakula flowers? Why not come see the prince of Vrndavana? I will give you the garland that Syamasundara has made Himself, so you need not toil so hard picking flowers.’

“I replied to that parrot, O best of the parrots! The scriptures are right when they say that one’s good and bad qualities depend on his association. It appears that associating with a person who is wanton by nature, dresses in yellow garments, and is intoxicated from drinking madira-rasa has bewildered your intelligence. Tell me, do you think that any chaste girl will accept a garland from someone who is not her husband?

“The parrot said, ‘Hey listen! He is the supreme person, not just an ordinary person. His lotus feet are very difficult to attain.’ (Inner meaning of parrot’s statements: ‘So why don’t you try to meet Krishna?’)

“I replied Are! Wait a minute! I can see He is just a man. Why are you calling Him the supreme person? Do not try to attract me to Krishna by your word jugglery.”

Bakula-mala continued speaking to Radhika, “The parrot told me that if I understood his words I should take the garland. Since the parrot defeated me, I could not take the dominant role. So I returned to Krishna who wears makara-kundala. Then the mild and sweet brahmana named Kusumasava talked to his dear friend the parrot.

“After their argument ended Kusumasava said, ‘This sakhi named Bakula-mala should take this bakula garland to the mistress of the parrot. Even Laksmi-devi, who has sweet-smelling hands, can rarely obtain such a garland. This bakula garland should be taken to Radhika, the eternal lover of Krishna. By doing this Bakula-sakhi will attain success in accomplishing her task. This Bakula sakhi, who is the personification of Krishna’s sweet love, is expert in this work.’

“At that moment Damodara slightly trembled as He raised His soft, lotus palm, moistened with perspiration. While looking in the opposite direction a sweet nectarean smile appeared on His face. Then He gently touched my hand as He gave me the garland. I returned to my mistress Syama-sakhi and presented this garland which embodies the fragrance of Krishna’s pure love for You. I told her all the details of my meeting with Krishna, and how this garland conveyed His heartfelt desire to meet You. And now my mistress has brought that garland to You.” 

Then Syama-sakhi adorned Radha’s neck with the bakula garland. Radhika felt the thrilling touch of Her beloved by contacting the garland made by Syamasundara’s hands. As a result, Radha’s body surged with ecstatic symptoms and Her cheeks swelled with delight.  Feeling the rising of love, Radhika’s eyes moistened with tears as She looked slightly downward out of shyness. A mild nectarean smile bathed Her gentle lips, which defeated the tenderness of fresh sprouts. Overwhelmed by insurmountable ecstasy, Radharani embraced Bakula-sakhi and fell unconscious.

Lalita-sakhi said, “Hey Syame! It is not only in name, but also in fame and quality that your sakhi Bakula-mala and this bakula garland are the same. Can’t you see that both these bakula-malas are fragrant and freshly youthful? They both enjoyed the touch of Krishna’s lotus hands and got to decorate the neck of our Swamini Radhika.”

Syama-sakhi replied, “You have spoken very sweetly.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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