Krishna Nectar Lilas part 30 “Gopal Starts Playing Flute”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

The cowherd boys raced to their homes to tell their parents all about Krsna’s remarkable pastimes. Though tired and breathing heavily, they tried their best to explain Krsna’s exploits. Due to exhaustion their voices choked up, but their mispronounced words sounded very sweet and satisfying to their parents. The pleasure of hearing about Krsna’s killing Bakasura quickly removed everyone’s anxiety.

The young gopas said, “Mother, listen to the amazing adventure we had today. You will be surprised to hear how Krsna showed His incredible strength. With our own eyes we saw Him easily vanquish a formidable demon. Driven by false ego, Bakasura tried to kill us. His extremely sharp beaks felt as hot as fire.

But just using His bare hands, which are softer and cooler than lotus flowers, Krsna broke that demon’s beaks as easily as a child splits a blade of virana grass. By killing that demon Krsna finished all his devious acts.”

The sweet talks of the cowherd boys filled their mothers’ ears with nectar. At first mother Yasoda felt afraid upon hearing that the demon tried to swallow the boys. As she heard more about Her son’s expertise in killing that awesome demon, Yasoda and the other mothers felt slightly relieved and smiled mildly.

Yasoda thought to herself, “Alas! Even though I left Mahavan to escape the harassment of demons, they are still attacking my son. My son is very bold and restless. But what can I do and where can I go? By destiny I am confused and cannot understand the plan of Providence.”

After bathing and feeding Krsna His evening meal, Yasoda, the abode of maternal affection, said, “From now on just stay home. Please do not go out to the forest. We have so many men to do this work, so now You can stop tending the calves. You need not take so much trouble for this.”

Krsna replied, “But mother, actually all these stories about My heroic exploits are just lies. Do not worry about all these things.” Overflowing with love, Yasoda laid Krsna down to rest on a valuable bedstead.

Krsna’s eternal form is that of a fifteen-year-old youth. However, His kumara and pauganda lilas (childhood and boyhood pastimes) also eternally remain within His body. According to His sweet will, Krsna manifests one particular pastime form or another.

Krsna displays these different pastime periods to fulfill the desires of His devotees, who themselves are wish fulfilling creepers. Although the stages of His childhood, boyhood, and youthful pastimes differ in nature, they do not conflict with each other.

Krsna, the embodiment of transcendental bliss, maintains His eternal kaisora-rupa (form of youth) within Himself. His pastimes, therefore, do not undergo any transformation. In order to nourish His batya-lila (childhood pastimes) Krsna conceals His six opulences and His form of eternal youth by His own sweet will. This is the explanation of Krsna’s pastimes.

Although Krsna showed His manifold opulences when He killed Putana, irnavarta, and other demons, He quickly hid these powers in order to Preserve the sweet mellow of vatsalya-rasa (parental love). Therefore the influence of Krsna’s divine majestic powers (aisvarya) remain in the background so that He can relish the sweet flavor (madhurya) of His Vrndavana pastimes with His intimate loving servants.

Within Krsna’s transcendental body of eternity, knowledge, and bliss the various mellows of parental affection, friendship, and paramour love reach perfection. Why does Krsna perform these pastimes? To favor His devotees, who are fixed in the moods of vatsalya, sakhya, and madhurya bhavas, Krsna allows Himself to come completely under their control. The various pastime periods of Krsna are eternal and beyond judgement and argumentation.

At this time Krsna accepted the flute as His dearest musical instrument. He astonished the people of Vrndavana with the incredible artistry and expertise of His flute playing. Commenting on this, the Vrajavasi housewives said, “O dear Krsna, Your lips that previously tasted only Your mother’s breast milk, now relish the soft notes of Your flute. Which guru has taught You to play so sweetly? O darling Krsna, if You play Your melodious flute again, I will adorn Your face with tilaka.” In response Krsna played exquisitely on His flute to please the hearts of all.

Krsna’s magnificent dark body glistens like a tamala tree. With His bright yellow dhoti He looks like a wild elephant cub covered with saffron. A garland of fragrant wild flowers swings over Krsna ankles while He roams and sports from forest to forest just like as baby elephant. Every day Brahma, Siva, Indra and other demigods descend to Vrndavana to have darsana of Sri Krsna.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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