Krishna Nectar Lila 62 -“MIDNIGHT GLANCES”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

With a pure loving heart Krishna paid obeisances to His parents and all the Vrajavasis.

By taking part in Krishna’s enchanting pastimes they crossed an ocean full of different mellows including fear, curiosity, and bliss. Nanda, Yasoda, and Balarama warmly embraced the beloved of Vrndavana. The cowherd girls cast sidelong glances toward Krishna.

The innocent cows encircled Krishna, and looked at Him for a long time with eyes full of tears and hearts full of delight. While smelling the pleasing fragrance of Krishna’s body the cows felt overwhelmed and happily licked Him. It seemed that the cows inquired about Krishna’s welfare by mooing with choked voices.

Hearing the cheering of His friends submerged Krishna in an ocean of happiness. Then the subduer of Kaliya warmly embraced each of His boyfriends. That sweet Lord, who pleased the Vrajavasis by living with them in Vrndavana, relaxed on the riverbank enjoying with His friends.

Seeing the setting sun, Vrajaraja Nanda announced, “Listen, it is almost night. I see the frightening darkness as a personification of Rudra. My glorious son has restored the purity of this lake by removing the fiery poison. So let us spend the night here in this auspicious place.”

On hearing his words everyone felt happy. The ladies and cowherd girls became ecstatic to again see the beautiful form of Krishna, which is more elegant than a monsoon cloud, ever youthful, full of joy, and attractive to all. By gazing at their captivating Lord the gopis felt relieved of their anguish and mental disturbance that had previously felt like the itching of a skin sore.

Keeping Krishna in the center, the Vrajavasis surrounded Him in five circles. In the first circle nearest Krishna stood Vrajaraja Nanda and the elderly gopas, and next to them Yasoda and the cowherd boys assembled. The young gopis stood safely beside their mothers, and the married gopis remained near their mothers-in-law. The husbands of the loving gopis formed the second circle.

The men in the third circle protected everyone with bows and arrows. Cows and calves comprised the fourth circle. Holding a variety of weapons, Vraja’s famous chivalrous soldiers formed the fifth circle. These five circles made a vyuha around Krishna.

The Vrajavasis spent half of the night discussing the incredible beauty of Krishna and His spectacular defeat of Kaliya. After they fell asleep a sweet and pleasant time arrived.

In the quiet hours of night the eyes and minds of the gopis derived the fullest satisfaction from lovingly gazing at the attractive moon-like face of Krishna. Candravali and other gopi leaders relished a joyous festival for the eyes.

The desire which Radha and Krishna had previously sprouted burst into bloom now that there was an opportunity for fulfillment. Eager to meet, Radha and Krishna extended their necks in anticipation. With Their eyes locked in enchantment They sported with each other through romantic glances.

The lotuses of Their eyes played seductively. First Radha disturbed Krishna’s vision with a sidelong glance. The agitation resembled the shaking of lotus flowers by the skittish movements of a wagtail bird. When Krishna opened the lotus of His sidelong glance, the flower of Radha’s shyness reduced to a bud.

Struck by these lotuses, Cupid’s arrows forcefully returned to the god of love. As the curtain of darkness fell, the rising love between Radha and Krishna appeared as Cupid to envelop Them.

Candravali and other gopis thought, “O! Krishna is only giving His love to the daughter of Vrsabhanu.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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