Krishna Nectar Lila 71- “ Radha Distributes Her Love”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Before Yasoda could finish speaking, Kirtida interjected, “Wait!

Let my darling Radhika serve the King and Queen of Vrndavana, along with their sons Krishna and Balarama who are like a pair of fresh blue and white lotuses. Radhika should also serve Rohini, the personified jewel of all good qualities. The intimate friends of Radhika such as Lalita and Syama-sakhi, who are also experienced servers, should distribute food to Krishna’s friends.”

Although this order filled Radhika’s ears with nectar, it created a dilemma due to the rising waves of love within Her heart. Radharani could not accept the proposal, but at the same time She did not want to refuse the request. Inertia overtook Radhika’s mind. As the gentle, sweet smile slowly disappeared from Her tender sprout-like lips, Radhika bashfully confided in her mother.

Radhika said, “I am feeling overwhelmed with feelings of shyness and reluctance. Therefore, I will only serve the divine queen of Vrndavana, who is the embodiment of absolute fortune, and her family members privately in the inner chambers. Let Syama-sakhi serve a line of guests sitting on the outer veranda.”

Syama-sakhi, a clever expert in juggling words, said, “O doe-eyed one! Your statements are unreasonable. Let Your father Vrsabhanu, who is as powerful as the sun, more famous than Lord Siva and the purifier of the fallen, serve the guests sitting on veranda.”

After listening to the sweet talks of these sakhis whose pleasing voices sounded like the warbling of swans, Yasoda, the reservoir of parental affection, said, “O my two well-behaved girls! Do not be afraid, but listen to my words and you will benefit. Following my suggestion, you should learn the proper method of serving. Now both of you become proficient in this art.”

After giving this instruction, mother Yasoda, who is pure and famous, walked out on the huge, gem-studded veranda. She ordered her servants to properly arrange the wooden seats. They fixed fine white covers on the seats and made all comfortable arrangements.

Then Haladhara, the brother of Krishna, who subdues the demons and whose bright complexion outshines the purest crystal, sat on the right side of Nanda Maharaja. Krishna, whose body is more brilliant than a blue sapphire, sat on his left. The brahmana boy Batu, who is an expert joker with a very strong and beautiful neck, sat next to Krishna. Subala, who is strong, wealthy, and full of deep affection for Krishna and the other sakhas, sat beside Batu.

The respectable and handsome Nanda Maharaja, the main cause Gokula’s wealth, cleansed his feet and sat down. Everyone in the assembly drowned in joy upon seeing beam a pleasant smile. Radhika, the goddess of personified beauty, came before the honorable King of Vrndavana and respectfully offered him lotus flowers in Her folded palms. Then Yasoda summoned Radhika to serve the foodstuffs. With a heart full of joy Radhika served Nanda Maharaja while Syama-sakhi served Krishna and Balarama.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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