Krishna Nectar Lilas part 33 “Gopal Liberates Snake”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

The cowherd boys joked with one another, “O brothers! Let us see who can run the fastest, Krsna or us?” Krsna kept the lead as they raced a short distance. They stopped abruptly, however, upon noticing a peculiar sight. It was a demon, the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura whom Krsna had recently vanquished. Burning with anger and lamentation, the demon had come to Vrndavana to avenge the loss of his relatives.

The nasty, vicious demon assumed the form of a gigantic envious python with a huge mouth extending from the surface of the earth to the heavenly planets. At every moment his hideous body continued to expand. His vast gaping mouth seemed to swallow the whole creation along with all its moving and non-moving living entities. Brahma and all the demigods shook in fright at this embodiment of sin (agha), who was appropriately named Aghasura.

Awestruck and bewildered by what they saw, the cowherd boys said, “O look! What is this strange mountain cave? Just examine closely and try to figure it out. Who on earth will not be curious upon seeing this unusual cave? From long neglect, the cave looks like the deep mouth of a huge snake.

The twin mountain peaks appear like two rows of teeth. The two vines dangling in the breeze by the opening of that cave seem to be the frightening forked tongue of a snake.

“The red oxide dust blowing out of the mouth of the cave, indicating a mine of minerals, seems like his fiery, poisonous breath mixed with reddish-gold sparks. Just smelling that smoke, which appears to be the snake’s breath, gives one a severe headache. The vines and creepers surrounding the cave, which look like hands waving us into it, appear like the ugly veins and arteries around the snake’s gaping mouth.

“The two dazzling ruby boulders resting just above the mountain cave appear like the beautiful eyes of the snake waiting to mesmerize anyone who glances at them. The strong wind coming from the cave, which shakes the trees in the forest, resembles the exhalation of a big serpent.

The smoky glow of the mountain seems like the discoloration of the snake’s body caused by his poison-filled breath. The large cave looks like the massive mouth of the snake. Who amongst us is not overwhelmed with fear upon seeing this mysterious creature?”

Though disturbed with dread and doubt, the cowherd boys decided to enter the mouth of the cave. One boy said, “O brothers! If it is a demon, Krsna will easily kill him and protect us.” All the gopas had firm faith in Krsna. Gazing at the beautiful smiling face of Krsna, they laughed and clapped their hands while walking toward the python.

Seeing that they intended to enter that snake demon, Krsna, the prince of Vrndavana, tried to stop his friends by shouting in a sweet voice that spread through the creation. “Hey boys! Stop! Do not go inside. It is not a mountain cave; it is a snake!” But it was too late. They did not hear Krsna’s words of warning, because they had already fallen unconscious from inhaling the poisonous vapors within the viper’s throat.

Feeling like He had lost some precious jewels, Krsna cried piteously. He only thought how to kill the demon and save His devotees. Then Krsna, fully confident in His unlimited abilities, nonchalantly walked into the demon’s mouth.

Seeing this, the demigods wailed in anguish, “Alas! Alas!” But Kamsa and other demoniac friends of Aghasura rejoiced by cheering, “Ha! Ha! Ha!” Upon hearing the distressed crying of the demigods, Krsna, the master of all mystic yogis, decided to finish the asura.

The heart of the snake shook in fear of his imminent destruction. Although adept in mystic illusions, the demon’s vast intelligence had now become bewildered by his false ego. He tried desperately to close his mouth but he could not. Because of Krsna’s superior mystic power, the snake lost all control over his movements and just sat with his mouth stuck open. The snake felt Krsna to be a hot fiery spark burning his throat.

A second later, Krsna expanded Himself within the throat of the snake until the demon’s body exploded like an over ripe green melon. Krsna’s transcendental body contains unlimited opulences of beauty and perfect action. His elegance rivals the rising moon and His compassion excels the comfort of soothing moonshine.

After killing that ugly demon Krsna revived His friends with the pleasant stream of nectar emanating from His beautiful transcendental form. Then He came out of the demon’s mouth with the cowherd boys and calves. As Krsna left the mouth of the demon, He appeared like the sun rising from behind a mountain.

Wearing an attractive forest garland hanging to His knees, Krsna looked as gorgeous as a fresh blue rain cloud. At that time everyone saw the spirit soul of the demon, more brilliant than hundreds of suns and moons, merge in the body of Krsna. Who can describe the merciful nature of the Lord? First the demon let Krsna enter his belly, and then Krsna allowed him to merge within His body.

Appreciating the wonderful glories of the Lord, Brahma, Siva, and other demigods offered prayers which sanctified the world as they echoed through the universe. Various drums such as bheris (kettledrums) and dundubhis, and other instruments reverberated in all directions. The wives of the Gandharvas and Vidyadharas sang joyously in high-pitched voices. As the wives of the Siddhas beat mrdangas,

Urvasi and other heavenly nymphs danced ecstatically. The best of the Kinnaras sang sweet melodies. Becoming deaf to all other vibrations, the celestial denizens submerged in the sound waves of that ocean of jubilation. Intoxicated with bliss, they showered flowers from Nanda-kanana on Krsna. What more can be said?

The beat of Siva’s damru drum predominated everywhere. In great euphoria, Lord Siva danced so wildly that he cracked the pot-like covering of the universe. As he danced, the crescent moon on his head poured a stream of nectar. When that nectar touched the skulls on Siva’s necklace, the skulls assumed bodies and danced joyfully with great skill. Astonished by this scene, the demigods exploded with uproarious laughter.

The cowherd boys appeared like they had just left the jaws of death. They felt completely relieved and happy to see the tender lotus face of the peaceful prince of Vraja, which looked more attractive then the rising sun. The transcendental deeds of the Lord completely eclipsed the glories of the sun. One after another the boys embraced Krsna while talking excitedly.

One boy said, “O Krsna! While we played that terrible demon devoured us, and knocked us out with a burning poison. How did You bring us back to life?”

Krsna replied, “I am the perfect antidote to neutralize poison and also kill the poison giver. If a man smells this medicine, he will become joyful and relish it like the taste of honey. Even the dead will come back to life and enjoy sweet rasa if they smell this medicine.”

Krsna’s witty remarks increased the cowherd boys’ loving friendship for Him. Then the cowherd boys, the Lord’s eternal associates, enthusiastically embraced each other. Swelling with pride for his beloved friend, one boy said, “I told you before that Krsna would finish this demon, just as He had previously killed Bakasura.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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