Krishna Nectar Lila 70 -“Radha Cooks Spectacular Feast”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

Yasoda entered the kitchen to check on Radhika. Appearing in Vrndavana as personified bliss, Radhika made a wonderful feast with Her expert cooking and tasteful arrangements. Seeing mother Yasoda entering the kitchen, Radhika offered her respectful obeisances. Yasoda, the bearer of beauty and fame for her family, felt boundless affection for Radhika.

Smiling joyfully, Yasoda said, “The art of cooking is like the jewel in the ornament of praise for the female class. Even though Your beautiful body is as delicate as a flower, You have taken on this heavy burden of cooking. And by doing so Your elegance has enhanced.” Although Radhika had worked very hard, She did not feel the least bit tired. When requested by Yasoda, Radhika felt shy about displaying all the items that She had prepared.

Mother Yasoda said, “Just see what amazing delicacies You have made. One can easily perceive all Your good qualities of taste, beauty, and fragrance in these astonishing preparations. Your perfect cooking has turned everything into ambrosia.” Then giving Radha a full embrace, Yasoda congratulated Her saying, “Darling, bravo! I really appreciate Your expertise in cooking. Seeing Your skill has removed whatever unhappiness I felt within myself.”

Her face glowing like the full moon, Yasoda continued her joyful mood. She embraced the fragrant youthful Lalita and Syama-sakhi and praised them saying, “O Lalite! O Syame! O Visakhe! Your friendly dealings with each other, and your respectful attitude toward your superiors is certainly commendable. For this is the standard of behavior of cultured people.”

After glorifying Radhika, who is expert in all arts, and Her girlfriends, Yasoda turned to Rohini-devi and said, “O mother of Balabhadra! Learned persons always honor such mutual loving affection. This Radhika, who is delicate and tender by nature, has filled my heart with ecstasy. She appears in this world like an auspicious flower from Nanda-kanana, or a beautiful creeper of sandalwood. Radhika is the ripened fruit of the tree of Vrsabhanu’s piety. Radhika is a rare jewel-mine of the best qualities found in the three worlds.” 

Rohini replied, “O Yasoda! Everything you said is perfectly correct. There is no doubt about it. Moreover, the delightful son of the lord of Vrndavana is an ocean of good qualities and Radhika is Sumukhi, sweetness personified. O Yasoda, this pair of jewels is the central ornament on the neck of the goddess of Vrndavana. They give pleasure to anyone who sees or hears about Them.”

Feeling bashful over hearing Her praises, Radhika gently lowered Her head in shyness. From observing Radhika’s facial expressions, Syama-sakhi and the other gopis detected the joy swirling within Her heart. They smiled slightly in understanding and thought within themselves, “O Rohini-devi! Your statements disclose our inner thoughts. Truly you are blessed. Without a doubt rain gives cooling relief to one tortured by scorching sunshine. There is a deeper more satisfying meaning to your statement that Radhika and Syama-sakhi are the jewels on the neck of the goddess of Vrndavana. Everyone holds this pair of jewels on their heads. Do you not feel repentant about engaging this delicate girl in such difficult work?”

As the sun lights up the entire universe, similarly, with her pure consciousness Kirtida illuminates her family and increases their fame. After embracing her, Yasoda said, “O Kirtida! Why did you engage the youthful Radhika in the toilsome duty of cooking, which is usually done by the elderly housewives? You should not have caused such distress to the fresh flower-like body of Radhika, who has wilted from the heat of the cooking fires. Don’t you feel repentant over this?”   

Kirtida replied, “O Vrajesvari! Indeed, I took a risk by engaging Radhika in that work. But the fact is that Radhika is an expert cook. And besides, this particular festival we are hosting will fill everyone with delight. The munificent king of the cowherd men, his wife, and children will all enjoy a wonderful feast here today. Actually Radhika, who possesses brilliant intelligence, willfully engaged Herself in this service with great happiness and enthusiasm.

“Moreover Radhika has a natural ability in Her hand so that whatever She cooks exhibits the best qualities of taste, beauty, and fragrance. O you who have such strong affection for Radhika! Being eager to please his guests, Radha’s father humorously asked Her to help. The majority of the feast preparations are being made in another big kitchen. In this kitchen Radhika is cooking only a few especially delectable items. Is there anyone in Vrndavana not considering himself blessed today? But since you are the most worshipable lady in Vrndavana, I think you should take charge here. If that will make you happy, then I am sure all the problems with the festival will be solved.”

Vrajesvari Yasoda replied, “Let Rohini, who is famous for her expertise in serving, distribute all the food items lovingly cooked by Radhika.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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