Krishna Nectar Lila 49 – “True Loving Friendship”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das
Sri Krishna then rejoined His calves that were sitting peacefully munching on fresh grass. Rotating His stick above His head, Krishna signaled to the calves to go back home. The calves ran so quickly that the half-eaten grass fell out of their mouths onto the ground.
After bewildering Lord Brahma, the Supreme Brahman, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, in the form of a human being, took the calves, which were still sitting where they were a year earlier, and brought them to the riverbank, where He had previously enjoyed a picnic with His boyfriends. Yogis who perceive this pastime laugh in transcendental bliss.
As soon as the cowherd boys saw Krishna, the peerless jewel, they no longer felt the distress of separation in their minds. Although the boys had passed an entire year apart from the Lord of their lives, due to the covering of Krishna’s illusory potency, they felt the year to be half a moment.
The cowherd boys said to Krishna, “O brother! You have quickly returned after defeating the soldiers of the enemy. We have not eaten even one morsel of food in Your absence.”
Illuminated by their bright smiles, the faces of the boys looked very sweet and beautiful. Then the cowherd boys surrounded their beloved friend Krishna, the remover of all fear.
The cowherd boys continued, “Please take Your meal without distraction.” The loving friendship they shared with Krishna freed the boys from all types of agony and distress. Seeing their happy faces, Krishna felt unlimited joy within His heart. After relishing this wonderful exchange of transcendental love, Krishna decided to conclude the joyful picnic and return home.
Krishna tried to cheer up the boys in order to alleviate the fatigue they felt in their arms and legs from playing so many games. To get relief from the scorching sunshine Krishna and His friends put on refreshing flower garlands and laid down under the shade of a big tree. Using the thigh of one boy for a pillow, Krishna rested briefly.
Above their heads the sun rushed across the courtyard of the sky to enter his house and meet his loving wife, the western direction. To reduce the fiery pain of separation he felt from his wife during the day, the sun radiated blistering heat waves on the people of earth. Seeing the sun disappearing with his wife, the lotus flowers lost their luster and felt unhappy. As the rays of the setting sun reflected across the ocean of the sky, Krishna decided to bring the calves back home to Vrndavana.
When the cowherd boys blew on their flutes and buffalo horns to call the calves the vibration echoed in all directions. Feeling empty and unhappy, the cowherd boys reluctantly left the forest to return home when they saw rain clouds racing across the evening sky. Taking pleasure in associating with the lord of their heart, the boys gathered all the calves and quickly walked home.
Noticing the remains of the huge body of the dead serpent Aghasura, the cowherd boys thought of using it as a cave for future pastimes. Soon they reached the edge of the village. Eager to drink their mothers’ milk, the calves extended their front legs and tried to run quickly. But since their affectionate Lord Krishna moved behind them, their rear legs refused to cooperate with the front ones, and thus they could not run very fast.
As Krishna approached Vrndavana a flow of nectar poured from His lotus lips as He played sweetly on His flute. The ears of the Vrajavasis bathed in spiritual bliss by drinking that ambrosia. They felt the ultimate joy in seeing His lovely form.
Beholding the beauty of Krishna brought life back to their bodies that had died in His separation. Due to intense affection the hearts of Nanda and Yasoda melted in ecstasy. Allured by the sweet sound of Krishna’s flute, they hurried to the town gate to greet Him.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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