Krishna Nectar Lila 48 – “Prayers of Submission”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das
Krishna showed Lord Brahma an extremely grave mood. As the puppet master of this entire pastime, Krishna moved everyone and everything according to His own desire. He enacted the drama to show the whole universe a wonderful display of His transcendental energy. Realizing the severity of his offence, Brahma offered obeisances again and again at the lotus feet of the Lord. Then Brahma, his head bent low and his body trembling, very humbly glorified Krishna with faltering words.
“O son of Vrajaraja Nanda! All glories to You! Your enchanting gunja necklace shines brighter than the moon. A splendid forest garland swings on Your transcendental body. Equipped with a herding stick, buffalo horn, and a flute tucked in Your belt, You stand beautifully with a morsel of food in Your hands. I glorify Your wonderful transcendental body that is the source of consciousness.
“One who earnestly waits for You to bestow Your causeless mercy upon him, while patiently suffering the reactions of his past karma and always serving You with his body, mind, and heart, will definitely inherit Your inexhaustible abode. My disrespectful dealings toward You and Your friends are reprehensible. You are the supreme controller and the foremost of all mystics.
“O Lord! Your effulgent transcendental body is full of spiritual bliss and free from all material contamination. Who can match Your boundless qualities? As an intoxicated bee becomes absorbed in drinking the nectar of a flower, similarly, the mind of a person who has received the mercy of a sad-guru becomes absorbed in tasting the nectar of Your service.
“Indeed, such a wise and fortunate person is very rare in this world. Only Your devotees, whose consciousness has become pure by serving Your merciful lotus feet, can perceive the mysteries of Your transcendental pastimes. Without rendering loving service unto You, even one who knows all the Vedas will fail to understand You. Ah! Even the personified Vedas could not attain the dust of Your lotus feet!
“Anyone born in Vrndavana is the most fortunate of men. Also blessed are those who contact the pollen from the lotus feet of Your eternal associates. Afterall, Your family, beloved friends, character, opulences, and holy dhama of Vrndavana are nothing but expansions of Your very self. Therefore, my dear Lord! Please allow me to take birth as a bird, beast, human being, or even as a creeper in Vrndavana.
“I too desire such a position because You derive great pleasure from the service rendered by all these creatures such as the cows, bulls, birds, and parrots. By taking any type of birth in Vrndavana I will give up my false ego, and attain the opportunity to serve Your lotus feet which are the storehouse of unlimited treasures.
“The Vrajavasis are the most glorious of all living entities. They have attained the summit of all pious activities. Although You are the shelter of everything in creation, You take shelter of the residents of Vrndavana. Although You are the matchless, omnipotent Absolute Truth, You make friends with the Vrajavasis and live amongst them as their greatest treasure. What could be more amazing than this?
“O Lord of creation! You expanded Yourself as thousands of calves to drink the milk of Vraja’s cows. Who can estimate the limits of the good fortune of these pious cows? Lord Siva, myself, and the other presiding deities of the eleven senses utilize the senses of the Vrajavasis as the cups through which we repeatedly drink the intoxicating beverage of the honey nectar of Your lotus feet. By this divine connection we have also become fortunate. However, the good fortune enjoyed by the Vrajavasis who directly and intimately serve You is beyond description.
“Dressing attractively like Your mother, Putana smeared deadly poison on her breast and came to kill You. Yet You mercifully promoted her to the spiritual world. How can You possibly repay the Vrajavasis who have given You everything they have? Just thinking about this bewilders my mind.
Lord Brahma concludes his stuti saying, “O Lord! Until one surrenders to Your lotus feet, he will remain in a fallen condition imprisoned by the contamination of lust, anger, greed, envy, illusion, and madness. O dearest of everyone! Without a doubt, only pious and intelligent persons can know Your inconceivable qualities. Definitely Your glories are beyond the comprehension of my body, mind, and words.”

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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