Krishna Nectar Lila 47 – “A Bath of Tears”

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das
After waiting a moment (in his celestial time standard) Brahma returned to Vrndavana. He was totally astonished to see Krishna playing with the boys and calves just as before, even though a complete year had passed by earthly calculation. Greatly bewildered, Brahma thought, “Are these the same calves I stole? Or have some other calves appeared in their place? Actually it appears the calves that I stole are all illusory, and that these are the real calves.”
Brahma’s pride being crushed; he chastised himself for attempting to show off his paltry power before the unlimited potency of Lord Krishna, who mystifies the whole universe. Rather than bewildering the Lord, Brahma perplexed himself with his mystic force. This offensive act filled Lord Brahma with great remorse.
As Brahma gazed at the boys, he saw them as four-handed Visnu forms fully decorated with priceless ornaments, and holding the four symbols of the Lord (conch, lotus, club, disc). These forms embodied unlimited bliss and knowledge, and their combined effulgences surpassed the light of millions of suns and moons. Their bodily hairs stood erect in ecstasy, and the perspiration coming from their bodies resembled the globe-like universes rising from the pores of Lord Visnu.
All these Visnu forms of bluish hue wore yellow silken garments that glowed like lightning. They were bedecked with jeweled earrings, crowns, necklaces, armlets, and glittering golden bangles that jingled sweetly. Swarms of buzzing bees hovered above the fresh, tender tulasi garlands that hung to their thighs. The tiny tinkling bells suspended from their golden belts emitted delicate enticing sounds.
Then Brahma saw that space, the time factor, the three modes of material nature, the five elements, the seasons, the eight mystic perfections, the nine planets, the ten directions, the presiding deities of the senses, the fourteen Manus, and all the other aspects of material creation had been subjugated by the potency of the Lord. They had taken personal forms to worship the Lord. Those Visnu forms, whose transcendental bodies shone with beauty and opulence, blessed everyone with their compassionate sidelong glances.
One can perceive this truth only by the mercy of the Lord. Understanding Brahma’s bewilderment, Krishna at once removed the curtain of His Yogamaya. Then Brahma realized that Vasudeva is everything. And he immediately saw Vasudeva, the Absolute Truth, standing before him in Vrndavana as Krishna.
With a stick, flute, and buffalo horn tucked in the sash around His waist, and a lump of rice and yogurt in His hand, the Absolute Truth, Sri Krishna, was searching everywhere for the calves and His cowherd friends. The transcendental form of Krishna acts as a rasayana (life giving tonic) to all His friends.
After seeing this, Brahma hastily got down from his swan carrier and fell down before the Lord like a golden stick. He touched the lotus feet of Krishna with the tips of his four crowns, which appeared like the four golden peaks of Mt. Sumeru. The effulgence of the costly jewels on these crowns seemed to be running out to touch the lotus feet of the Lord.
The unlimited radiance of Krishna’s toe rings, however, neutralized that effulgence. Merely by the touch of Krishna’s splendid toenails, the effulgence of Brahma attained perfection. Offering his obeisances, Brahma bathed the feet of Krishna with his tears of joy.

Excerpt: Sri Kavi Karnapura’s Ananda Vrindavana Campu ki jai!

Krishna Nectar Lilas ki jai! Jai Jai Sri Radhe!

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