Aparadha Free Zone

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das


The prabhava of Kali Maharaja is awesome and all-pervasive.

In the temple, outside, in the Holy Dhama, in Delhi, Mumbai, Moscow, New York, Beijing, Tokyo and Peru, in the kutira and in the home—everywhere some devotee is speaking negatively about someone or something. STOP!!!


Srila Prabhupada established a spiritual mission to propagate pure bhakti, love for Krishna and love for all, be they big or small. In Hindi, the name of his society is KRISHNA BHAVA AMRITA SANGA!!!


In English, this means a society or intimate group (sanga) that gathers together to relish the sweet nectar of Krishna’s love (Krishna bhava amrita) by performing Harinama Sankirtana, worshiping Thakuraji and the Vaisnavas, and hearing and serving Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam.


Bhakti means love, gratitude, appreciation, cooperation, encouragement and hope combined in a softened, humble heart offered in service to Sri Hari, Sri Guru and Sri Vaisnavas.


Love Radha, Love Krishna, Love Vrindavana, Love ALLLLLLLLL Devotees, and most importantly SWEETLY SERVE THEM.


A devotee should be so busy in culturing pure devotion that he/she has NO TIME FOR MAYA—no time for offending devotees or speaking useless criticism.


We humbly beg all our friends to make your individual life an “Aparadha Free Zone” by following Sri Krishna’s wonderful description on WHAT IS A DEVOTEE??


Please study, imbibe and live from now according to Sri Krishna’s advice given in the following Gita verse (10.9) and the acharya’s tikas:


Sri Krishna said, “With their minds absorbed in Me, completely dependent on Me, mutually informing each other about Me and speaking about Me, My devotees continuously experience satisfaction and enjoyment, mac chitta mad gata prana, bodhayantau parasparam, kathayantach ca mam nityam tusyanti ca ramanti ca.”

Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti tika:

Sri Krishna said, ‘The minds of My devotees are greedy for My form, name, qualities pastimes and the taste of My sweetness (mac-cittah).


‘Without Me, they cannot maintain their lives (mad-gata-prana), just as one cannot live without food. In a friendly mood, devotees tell each other about bhakti and Me—describing the great ocean of My very sweet form, qualities and pastimes (kathayantah).’


Since smarana/remembering (mac-cittah), shravana/hearing (bodhayantah) and kirtana/speaking/chanting (kathayantah) are the best forms of bhakti, Sri Krishna specifically mentions them here.


Sri Baladeva Vidyabhushana tika:

Sri Krishna said, “Devotees speak about Me, who am an ocean of affection for them. And they discuss My amazingly variegated pastimes. By worshiping Me in this way i.e. sravana, kirtanam, smarana, My devotees feel very satisfied, as if they were imbimbing pure nectar.” (tikas courtesy Sri Advaita Dasji)

Aparadha free zone ki jai! Krishna bhava sanga ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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