The Ten Offenses to the Holy Name (from Padma Purana)

Mahanidhi Madan Gopal Das

1.satāṁ ninda-namnaḥ param aparādham vitanute, yataḥ khyātiṁ yātaṁ katham u sahate tu tad vigarhām–To show envy or criticize a devotee or saintly person.

2.śivasya śrī visnor ya iha guṇa nāmādi sakalam, dhiyā bhinnaṁ paśyet sa khalu hari-nāmāhita-karaḥ–To think that the names or qualities of the demigods are equal to Kṛṣṇa.

3.guror avajñā–To disrespect or disobey the guru.

4.śruti śāstra-nindanaṁ–To disrespect the scriptures.

5.tathārthavādo–To think that the glorification of the Name is empty praise.

6.hari nāmni kalpanam–To imagine meanings of the Name.

7.nāmno balād yasya hi pāpabuddhir, na vidyate tasya yamair hi śuddhiḥ –To commit sin on the strength of the Name.

8.dharma-vrata-tyaga-hutādi-sarva, subha-kriyā sāmyam api pramādaḥ–To consider the Name on the same level as pious actions.

9.aśraddadhāne vimukhe’py aśṛṇvati, yas copadeṣaḥ śiva-nāmāparādhaḥ–To give the Name to unqualified people.

10.śrute’pi nāma-māhātmye yah prīti rahito naraḥ, ahaṁ mamādi paramo nāmni so’py aparādha-kṛt–Not to have faith or taste in the Name even after hearing its glories, and to accept the Name without giving up material attachment.

An excerpt from the book Art of Chanting.

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