Shivaji Tells Manjari Sadhana part two

Mahanidhi Swami


Lord Shivaji said, “O Narada, to perform raganuga bhakti sadhana one must meditate as follows:

“The sadhaka should meditate upon his eternal spiritual body as being a charming, beautiful young woman. This sakhi (manjari) knows many crafts and arts. Although the manjari is fit for Shyama’s enjoyment, she will refuse if solicited by Krishna.

“The manjari is a follower of Radhika, and she is completely devoted to serving Sri Radha. The manjari loves Radhika even more than Krishna. Throughout the day, the manjari serves to unite the Divine Couple, Radha Govinda. The manjari tastes the topmost bliss in serving Radha and Krishna.

“Thus meditating upon one’s eternal identity in this way, the raganuga sadhaka should meditate and serve Radha-Krishna from the earliest part of the day til late night. “ (Padma Purana, patalakhanda cp. 83.1-11) Manjari svarupa dhyana ki jai! Tasting bliss in serving Radha ki jai! Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe!

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